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Harlan, Susan - Memories of War in Early Modern England, ebook

Memories of War in Early Modern England

Harlan, Susan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Susan Harlan
2. Chapter 1 “Objects Fit for Tamburlaine”: Self-Arming in Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great, Robert Vaughan’s Portraits, and The Almain Armourer’s Album
Susan Harlan
3. Interlude–Epic…

Krummel, Miriamne Ara - Crafting Jewishness in Medieval England, ebook

Crafting Jewishness in Medieval England

Krummel, Miriamne Ara


Where Curse, Refrain, and Identity Intersect: The Poetry of Meir B. Elijah of Norwich
Miriamne Ara Krummel
4. Encountering Jews Beyond the Kingdom of Cathay: Imagining Nation in Mandeville’s Travelogue
Miriamne Ara Krummel
5. Text and Context: Tracing

, C. M. Woolgar - Food in Medieval England : Diet and Nutrition, ebook

Food in Medieval England : Diet and Nutrition

, C. M. Woolgar


In the last two decades, the potential for the study of diet in medieval England has changed markedly: historians have addressed sources in new ways; material from a wide range of sites has been processed by zooarchaeologists and

Hart, Henry - The Life of Robert Frost: A Critical Biography, ebook

The Life of Robert Frost: A Critical Biography

Hart, Henry


The Life of Robert Frost presents a unique and rich approach to the poet that includes original genealogical research concerning Frost’s ancestors, and a demonstration of how mental illness plagued the Frost family and heavily influenced Frost’s poetry. A widely revealing biography

Herman, Peter C. - Destabilizing Milton, ebook

Destabilizing Milton

Herman, Peter C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter C. Herman
2. “Warring Chains of Signifiers”: Metaphoric Ambivalence and the Politics of Paradise Lost
Peter C. Herman
3. Paradise Lost, the Miltonic “Or,” and the Poetics of Incertitude
Peter C. Herman
4. “England a Free Nation”: Milton’s Prose