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Chen, Kwang-Cheng - Cognitive Radio Networks, ebook

Cognitive Radio Networks

Chen, Kwang-Cheng


Cognitive Radio Networks starts with an introduction to the fundamentals of wireless communications, introducing technologies such as OFDM & MIMO. It moves onto cover software defined radio and explores and contrasts wireless, cooperative and cognitive networks

Battu, Daniel - New Telecom Networks: Enterprises and Security, ebook

New Telecom Networks: Enterprises and Security

Battu, Daniel


The actors involved also have the right to be heard: all those who have devoted their working lives to the collective effort of edifying networks can, of course, present their personal views about the evolution of the world of telecommunications, and thus provide invaluable

Barz, Hans W. - Multimedia Networks: Protocols, Design and Applications, ebook

Multimedia Networks: Protocols, Design and Applications

Barz, Hans W.


A special section is devoted to home networks which challenge high-end service delivery due to possibly unreliable management. The whole book treats concepts described in accessible IP-based standards and which are implemented broadly. The book is aimed at graduate

Battu, Daniel - Communication Networks Economy, ebook

Communication Networks Economy

Battu, Daniel


The rapid economic expansion of the Western countries during the XX century has favored the idea that Economy growth could be mathematically linked to the manufacturing processes and to a correct management and distribution of the common tools necessary…

Barreiros, Miguel - QOS-Enabled Networks: Tools and Foundations, ebook

QOS-Enabled Networks: Tools and Foundations

Barreiros, Miguel


The authors not only provide a lucid understanding of modern theory of QOS mechanisms in packet networks but how to apply them in practice. In addition, they detail the QOS management features found in modern routers used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large

Perez, André - IP, Ethernet and MPLS Networks: Resource and Fault Management, ebook

IP, Ethernet and MPLS Networks: Resource and Fault Management

Perez, André


This book summarizes the key Quality of Service technologies deployed in telecommunications networks: Ethernet, IP, and MPLS. The QoS of the network is made up of two parts: fault and resource management.
Network operation quality is among the functions to be fulfilled in order to offer