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Acar, Sevil - The Curse of Natural Resources, ebook

The Curse of Natural Resources

Acar, Sevil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sevil Acar
2. Theoretical and Empirical Background
Sevil Acar
3. Natural Resources and Human Development
Sevil Acar
4. Natural Resources and Sustainability
Sevil Acar
5. Two-Country Comparison: Norway versus Sweden
Sevil Acar
6. Conclusion

Brears, Robert C. - Natural Resource Management and the Circular Economy, ebook

Natural Resource Management and the Circular Economy

Brears, Robert C.


Table of contents
1. The Circular Economy
Robert C. Brears
2. Circular Economy: Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Tools
Robert C. Brears
3. Natural Resource Management and the Circular Economy in London
Robert C. Brears
4. Natural Resource Management and the Circular Economy in Seattle
Robert C. Brears

Farmer, Karl - Intertemporal Resource Economics, ebook

Intertemporal Resource Economics

Farmer, Karl


Renewable Resources and Intergenerational Efficiency
Karl Farmer, Birgit Bednar-Friedl
7. Intertemporal Market Equilibrium and Intergenerational Efficiency with Renewable Resources
Karl Farmer, Birgit Bednar-Friedl
8. Sustainable Economic Growth with

Kant, Shashi - Post-Faustmann Forest Resource Economics, ebook

Post-Faustmann Forest Resource Economics

Kant, Shashi


Table of contents
1. Post-Faustmann Forest Resource Economics
Shashi Kant
2. Are Forest User Groups Rational Economic or Social Agents? Experimental Evidence from India
Chander Shahi, Shashi Kant
3. Complexity Theory and Forest Resource Economics
Martin Herbert Kijazi, Shashi Kant
4. Modeling Forest