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Koskinen, Ari M. P. - Asymmetric Synthesis of Natural Products, ebook

Asymmetric Synthesis of Natural Products

Koskinen, Ari M. P.


Natural product synthesis has played a key role in the development of many synthetic methods and will continue to do so in the future. Many recent advances in such diverse fields as immunology, cellular biology and materials science have been achieved

Speight, James G. - Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis, ebook

Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis

Speight, James G.


A comprehensive resource to the origin, properties, and analysis of natural gas and its constituents
Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis is a comprehensive guide that includes information on the origin and analysis of natural

Fangueiro, Raul - Advances in Natural Fibre Composites, ebook

Advances in Natural Fibre Composites

Fangueiro, Raul


Effect of Time-Dependent Process Temperature Variation During Manufacture of Natural-Fibre Composites
Hossein Mohammad Khanlou, Peter Woodfield, Wayne Hall, John Summerscales
7. About Nonlinear Behavior of Unidirectional Plant Fibre Composite

Brigante, Domenico - New Composite Materials, ebook

New Composite Materials

Brigante, Domenico


Table of contents
1. Composite Materials
Domenico Brigante
2. Manufacturing Processes
Domenico Brigante
3. Choice of the Composite System
Domenico Brigante
4. Strengthening of Existing Structures: Technical Standards

Kalia, Susheel - Lignocellulosic Composite Materials, ebook

Lignocellulosic Composite Materials

Kalia, Susheel


Lignocellulosic Materials of Brazil––Their Characterization and Applications in Polymer Composites and Art Works
Kestur G. Satyanarayana, Thais H. S. Flores-Sahagun, Pamela Bowman
2. Retting Process as a Pretreatment of Natural

Dvorak, George - Micromechanics of Composite Materials, ebook

Micromechanics of Composite Materials

Dvorak, George


Table of contents
1. Tensor Component and Matrix Notations
George J. Dvorak
2. Anisotropic Elastic Solids
George J. Dvorak
3. Elementary Concepts and Tools
George J. Dvorak
4. Inclusions, Inhomogeneities and Cavities