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Daddario, Will - Baroque, Venice, Theatre, Philosophy, ebook

Baroque, Venice, Theatre, Philosophy

Daddario, Will


Jesuit Pastoral Theatre: The Case of Father Pietro Leon da Valcamonica
Will Daddario
Part II. Discipline and Excess
5. Ruzzante Takes Place
Will Daddario
6. The Enscenement of Self and the Jesuit Teatro del Mondo
Will Daddario
7. Baroque

Balme, Christopher B. - Theatre, Globalization and the Cold War, ebook

Theatre, Globalization and the Cold War

Balme, Christopher B.


The Cultural Cold War on the Home Front: The Political Role of Theatres in Communist Kraków and Leipzig
Kyrill Kunakhovich
Part III. Acting, Artists and Art Between the Battlefronts
11. Years of Compromise and Political Servility—Kantor and Grotowski

Breed, Ananda - Performance and Civic Engagement, ebook

Performance and Civic Engagement

Breed, Ananda


The Dead Are Coming: Political Performance Art, Activist Remembrance and Dig(ital) Protests
Samuel Merrill
11. Internet, Theatre and the Public Voice
Christina Papagiannouli
12. Interview with Christian Cherene