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Kobayashi, Hisatoshi - Intelligent Nanomaterials, ebook

Intelligent Nanomaterials

Kobayashi, Hisatoshi


Apart from fundamental aspects of fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials, it also covers key advanced principles involved in utilization of functionalities of these nanomaterials in appropriate forms. It is very important

Manasreh, Omar - Introduction to Nanomaterials and Devices, ebook

Introduction to Nanomaterials and Devices

Manasreh, Omar


This book introduces the basics of nanomaterials and devices fabricated from them.  Major topics included are: Growth of semiconductor nanostructured materials Introduction to quantum mechanics Tunneling concepts Introduction to scattering and coherent transports;

Takadoum, Jamal - Nanomaterials and Surface Engineering, ebook

Nanomaterials and Surface Engineering

Takadoum, Jamal


This book covers a wide range of topics that address the main areas of interest to scientists, engineers, and students concerned with the synthesis, characterization and applications of nanomaterials. Development techniques, properties, and examples of industrial applications are all widely

Geckeler, Kurt E. - Advanced Nanomaterials, ebook

Advanced Nanomaterials

Geckeler, Kurt E.


In this first comprehensive compilation of review chapters on this hot topic, more than 30 experts from around the world provide in-depth chapters on their specific areas of expertise, covering such essential topics as:
* Block Copolymer Systems, Nanofibers…