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Akeroyd, John - Nature Conservation, ebook

Nature Conservation

Akeroyd, John


Jean Massart, Pionnier De La Conservation De La Nature En Belgique
Simone Denaeyer-De Smet, Jean-Paul Herremans, Jean Vermander
3. The Journal Of Renzo Videsott: The “Historical Archives” Of Nature Protection in Italy

Carroll, Scott P. - Conservation Biology : Evolution in Action, ebook

Conservation Biology : Evolution in Action

Carroll, Scott P.


The main goal of this book is to encourage and formalize the infusion of evolutionary thinking into mainstream conservation biology. It reviews the evolutionary foundations of conservation issues, and unifies conceptual and empirical advances in evolutionary

Sodhi, Navjot S. - Conservation Biology: Voices from the Tropics, ebook

Conservation Biology: Voices from the Tropics

Sodhi, Navjot S.


Unprecedented habitat loss, species declines, climate warming, and pollution are culminating in an environmental crisis that needs to be addressed with innovative and radical solutions.   The crisis runs deep in the tropics, where two-thirds of the biodiversity exists in the backdrop

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Somers, Michael J. - Fencing for Conservation, ebook

Fencing for Conservation

Somers, Michael J.


Perspectives on Fencing for Conservation Based on Four Case Studies: Marsupial Conservation in Australian Forests; Bushmeat Hunting in South Africa; Large Predator Reintroduction in South Africa; and Large Mammal Conservation in

Gupta, Saloni - Contesting Conservation, ebook

Contesting Conservation

Gupta, Saloni


Jammu and Kashmir: Contextualising Conservation in Specific Sites
Saloni Gupta
3. Tibetan Antelope and Shahtoosh Shawl: A Brief History
Saloni Gupta
4. The Ban on Shahtoosh: Sustainability for Whom?
Saloni Gupta
5. The Micropolitics of the Ban

Blanco, Humberto - Principles of Soil Conservation and Management, ebook

Principles of Soil Conservation and Management

Blanco, Humberto


Soil Conservation and Carbon Dynamics
Humberto Blanco, Rattan Lal
18. Erosion Control and Soil Quality
Humberto Blanco, Rattan Lal
19. Soil Erosion and Food Security
Humberto Blanco, Rattan Lal
20. Climate Change and Soil Erosion Risks