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Callahan, Angelina Long - NASA in the World, ebook

NASA in the World

Callahan, Angelina Long


Introduction and Historical Overview: NASA’s International Relations in Space
John Krige, Angelina Long Callahan, Ashok Maharaj
Part II. NASA and Western Europe
2. NASA, Space Science, and Western Europe

Launius, Roger D. - NASA Spaceflight, ebook

NASA Spaceflight

Launius, Roger D.


The Origins and Flagship Project of NASA’s International Program: The Ariel Case Study
Angelina Long Callahan
3. Global Instantaneous Telecommunications and the Development of Satellite Technology
Roger D. Launius
4. The Other Side of Moore’s Law:

Shayler, David J. - NASA’s Scientist-Astronauts, ebook

NASA’s Scientist-Astronauts

Shayler, David J.


Table of contents
1. The Wrong Stuff
2. Scientists as Astronauts
3. The Scientific Six
4. School for Scientists
5. The Excess Eleven
6. “Flying Is Just Not My Cup of Tea”
7. A Geologist on the Moon
8. Laboratories in the Sky

Krawczynski, Henric - Relativistic Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei, ebook

Relativistic Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei

Krawczynski, Henric


Written by a carefully selected consortium of researchers working in the field, this book fills the gap for an up-to-date summary of the observational and theoretical status. As such, this monograph includes all used wavelengths, from radio to gamma,…

Planet, Lonely - The Universe, ebook

The Universe

Planet, Lonely


Developed with the latest data from NASA, we take you from our home on Earth and out into the far reaches of the solar system, then into our neighbouring stars and planetary systems, and finally into the rest of our galaxy and the Universe.
This fascinating journey