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Saint-Saens, Camille - Musical Memories, ebook

Musical Memories

Saint-Saens, Camille


A fascinating look at the world of music from French Late-Romantic composer, organist, conductor, and pianist Camille Saint-Saëns, most famous for his Carnival of the Animals and Danse Macabre.

Mazzola, Guerino - Musical Performance, ebook

Musical Performance

Mazzola, Guerino


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Guerino Mazzola
2. List of Symbols
Guerino Mazzola
3. Short History of Performance Theory
Guerino Mazzola
4. Oniontology
Guerino Mazzola
5. What Is Structure Theory?

Grant, Barry Keith - The Hollywood Film Musical, ebook

The Hollywood Film Musical

Grant, Barry Keith


This revealing history of the American film musical synthesizes the critical literature on the genre and provides a series of close analytical readings of iconic musical films, focusing on their cultural relationship to other aspects of American popular

Kessler, Kelly - Destabilizing the Hollywood Musical, ebook

Destabilizing the Hollywood Musical

Kessler, Kelly


Introduction: The Musical and Masculinity Take a Turn for the Ambivalent
Kelly Kessler
2. Nothing Is Comin’ Up Roses: The Desertion of Narrative Utopia
Kelly Kessler
3. On a Clear Day You Can See the Cracks in the Scenery: Visual Reflexivity and Realism

Agustín-Aquino, Octavio A. - The Musical-Mathematical Mind, ebook

The Musical-Mathematical Mind

Agustín-Aquino, Octavio A.


A Fuzzy Rule Model for High Level Musical Features on Automated Composition Systems
Iván Paz, Àngela Nebot, Francisco Mugica, Enrique Romero
26. The Musical Experience Between Measurement and Computation: From Symbolic

mcclung, bruce d. - Lady in the Dark : Biography of a Musical, ebook

Lady in the Dark : Biography of a Musical

mcclung, bruce d.


In this ground-breaking biography, bruce mcclung pieces together the musical's life story from sketches and drafts, production scripts, correspondence, photographs, costume and set designs, and thousands of clippings from the star's personal scrapbooks. He has interviewed

Becker, Heinz - Oper, Operette, Musical, ebook

Oper, Operette, Musical

Becker, Heinz


Table of contents
1. Oper, Operette, Musical
Heinz Becker, Barbara Delcker, Erik Fischer, Matthias Gaul, Harald Hassler, S. Kurock, Klaus Langrock, Gabriele Ludin, Wilhelm Albert Makus, Thomas Menger, Reinhold Quandt, Jürgen Schläder, Rolf-Michael…

Cohen, Allen - Writing Musical Theater, ebook

Writing Musical Theater

Cohen, Allen


Table of contents
Part I. The Elements
1. Theater Basics
Allen Cohen, Steven L. Rosenhaus
2. The Idea
Allen Cohen, Steven L. Rosenhaus
3. The Libretto
Allen Cohen, Steven L. Rosenhaus
4. The Characters
Allen Cohen, Steven…

Paret, Dominique - Musical Techniques: Frequencies and Harmony, ebook

Musical Techniques: Frequencies and Harmony

Paret, Dominique


This book is built to start from elementary and fundamental bases to the first degrees of harmony. It provides many theoretical and technical bases of music, presenting in detail relations between physics and music (harmonics, frequency…