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Montgomery, Douglas C. - Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, ebook

Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis

Montgomery, Douglas C.

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—Journal of the American Statistical Association
A comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the fundamentals of regression analysis
Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, Fifth Edition continues to present both the conventional and less

Sheather, Simon - A Modern Approach to Regression with R, ebook

A Modern Approach to Regression with R

Sheather, Simon


Diagnostics and Transformations for Multiple Linear Regression
Simon J. Sheather
8. Variable Selection
Simon J. Sheather
9. Logistic Regression
Simon J. Sheather
10. Serially Correlated Errors
Simon J. Sheather
11. Mixed Models

Leroy, Annick M. - Robust Regression and Outlier Detection, ebook

Robust Regression and Outlier Detection

Leroy, Annick M.


Provides an applications-oriented introduction to robust regression and outlier detection, emphasising °high-breakdown° methods which can cope with a sizeable fraction of contamination. Its self-contained treatment allows readers to skip the mathematical material which is concentrated