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Bangert, Kurt - Muhammad, ebook


Bangert, Kurt


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Kurt Bangert
2. Die Entstehung von Religionen
Kurt Bangert
3. Geschichte und Geschichtsschreibung
Kurt Bangert
4. Problematik islamischer Historiographie
Kurt Bangert
5. Die Hadith-Überlieferung…

Zeitlin, Irving M. - The Historical Muhammad, ebook

The Historical Muhammad

Zeitlin, Irving M.


In his quest for the historical Muhammad, Zeitlin's chief aim is to catch glimpses of the birth of Islam and the role played by its extraordinary founder. Islam, as its Prophet came to conceive it, was a strict and absolute monotheism. How Muhammad had

Gwynne, Paul - Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad: A Comparative Study, ebook

Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad: A Comparative Study

Gwynne, Paul


This cool, clear-sighted comparative study has no theological axe to grind. It offers a trusty thematic guide to the figureheads of three of the largest religions in the world.The comparative approach is descriptive and even-handed, highlighting both…

Saleem, Muhammad Yusuf - Islamic Commercial Law, ebook

Islamic Commercial Law

Saleem, Muhammad Yusuf


A concise study of the practices in Islamic commercial law
Filling a gap in the current literature, Islamic Commercial Law is the only book available that combines the theory and practice of Islamic commercial law in an English-language text. From…

Azeem, Muhammad - Law, State and Inequality in Pakistan, ebook

Law, State and Inequality in Pakistan

Azeem, Muhammad


Table of contents
Part I. Law Under Modernization: Foundational Discourse (1947–1990)
1. The Law and Judiciary in Pakistan: Beyond a Liberal Understanding
Muhammad Azeem
2. Law in the Era of Capitalist Modernization (1947–1960s)
Muhammad Azeem
3. Law Under Bhutto’s Socialism (1970–1980s)

Ayub, Muhammad - Understanding Islamic Finance, ebook

Understanding Islamic Finance

Ayub, Muhammad


In Understanding Islamic Finance Muhammad Ayub introduces all the essential elements of this growing market by providing an in-depth background to the subject and clear descriptions of all the major products and processes associated with Islamic finance.
Key features include: Discussion