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Kvalnes, Øyvind - Fallibility at Work, ebook

Fallibility at Work

Kvalnes, Øyvind


Table of contents
1. Risky Play
Øyvind Kvalnes
2. Failing Fast
Øyvind Kvalnes
3. Moral Risk in a Nursing Home
Øyvind Kvalnes
4. Coping with Fallibility in Aviation
Øyvind Kvalnes
5. Fallibility and Trust in Healthcare
Øyvind Kvalnes
6. Approaches to Help in Organizations

Suikkanen, Jussi - This Is Ethics: An Introduction, ebook

This Is Ethics: An Introduction

Suikkanen, Jussi


This is Ethics presents an accessible and engaging introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary moral philosophy.Covers a wide range of topics which are actively debated in contemporary moral philosophyAddresses the nature of happiness,