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Schliwa, Manfred - Molecular Motors, ebook

Molecular Motors

Schliwa, Manfred


The latest knowledge on molecular motors is vital for the understanding of a wide range of biological and medical topics: cell motility, organelle movement, virus transport, developmental asymmetry, myopathies, and sensory defects are all related to

Kaila, M. M. - Molecular Imaging of the Brain, ebook

Molecular Imaging of the Brain

Kaila, M. M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
M. M. Kaila, Rakhi Kaila
2. Simplistic Theory of the Functions of the Ensemble of the Electrons, Atoms, Molecules, Nuclei, in the Brain
M. M. Kaila, Rakhi Kaila
3. Practical Illustrations
M. M.…

Grill, Leonhard - Imaging and Manipulating Molecular Orbitals, ebook

Imaging and Manipulating Molecular Orbitals

Grill, Leonhard


Imaging and Manipulation of Molecular Electronic States on Metal Surfaces with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Robin Ohmann, Lucia Vitali, Klaus Kern
9. SPM Imaging of Trinaphthylene Molecular States on a Hydrogen Passivated

Russell, Rick - Biophysics of RNA Folding, ebook

Biophysics of RNA Folding

Russell, Rick


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Rick Russell
2. Comparative Analysis of the Higher-Order Structure of RNA
Robin R. Gutell
3. Graph Applications to RNA Structure and Function
Namhee Kim, Katherine Niccole Fuhr, Tamar…

Oberhauser, Andres F. - Single-molecule Studies of Proteins, ebook

Single-molecule Studies of Proteins

Oberhauser, Andres F.


Table of contents
1. Nanomechanics of Proteins, Both Folded and Disordered
Rubén Hervás, Albert Galera-Prat, Àngel Gómez-Sicilia, Fernando Losada-Urzáiz, María Carmen Fernández, Débora Fernández-Bravo, Elena Santana, Clara Barrio-García,…

He, Qiang - Molecular Assembly of Biomimetic Systems, ebook

Molecular Assembly of Biomimetic Systems

He, Qiang

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This handy reference details state-of-the-art preparation of molecular assemblies of biotechnologically relevant biomimetic systems (artificial proteins, peptides, molecular motors, photosensitive systems) with an