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Crocker, John - Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology, ebook

Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology

Crocker, John


The latest edition of this highly successful text, covers the major advances in the methods used in cellular and molecular pathology. In recent years, knowledge of the molecular organization of the cell has led to the development of powerful new techniques

Prasad, Rajendra - Candida albicans: Cellular and Molecular Biology, ebook

Candida albicans: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Prasad, Rajendra


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rajendra Prasad
2. Current Trends in Candidiasis
Priya Uppuluri, Afshin Khan, John E. Edwards
3. Invasive Candidiasis in the Southeast-Asian Region
Rachna Singh, Arunaloke Chakrabarti
4. Morphogenesis in C. albicans
David Kadosh
5. Candida albicans Biofilms

UNKNOWN - Cell and Molecular Biology of Vertebrate Hard Tissues, ebook

Cell and Molecular Biology of Vertebrate Hard Tissues



Brings together the latest research in the cellular and molecular biology of bones and teeth, including applications to medical and dental practice. An interdisciplinary group of contributors addresses control of bone formation, resorption and remodelling,

Kratz, Rene Fester - Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies, ebook

Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies

Kratz, Rene Fester


8 billion years old and counting, there’s more than a little to know about the fundamentals of how life works. This friendly guide takes you from the primordial soup to the present, explaining how specialized cells have given rise to everything living, from the humblest

Schwartzbach, Steven D. - Euglena: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, ebook

Euglena: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology

Schwartzbach, Steven D.


Table of contents
Part I. Biochemistry and Physiology
1. Evolutionary Origin of Euglena
Bożena Zakryś, Rafał Milanowski, Anna Karnkowska
2. The Mitochondrion of Euglena gracilis
Verena Zimorski, Cessa Rauch, Jaap J. Hellemond, Aloysius G. M. Tielens, William F. Martin
3. C2 metabolism in Euglena

Lal, Sunil K. - Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus, ebook

Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus

Lal, Sunil K.


The Cell Biology of the SARS Coronavirus Receptor, Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2
Daniel W. Lambert
3. Structural Molecular Insights into SARS Coronavirus Cellular Attachment, Entry and Morphogenesis
Daniel R. Beniac,