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Whitehouse, David - Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, ebook

Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics

Whitehouse, David


Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics aims to bring together key developments in the areas of molecular diagnostics, therapeutics and drug discovery. The book covers topics including diagnostics, therapeutics, model systems, clinical trials and drug discovery.

Balkwill, Fran  - Cytokine Molecular Biology, ebook

Cytokine Molecular Biology

Balkwill, Fran


Cytokine Molecular Biology concentrates on molecular biology techniques for the study of cytokines, cytokine receptors, and cytokine driven processes. Updated topics from the previous edition are: the cloning and expressing cytokine genes;; the detection

Jones, Russell - The Molecular Life of Plants, ebook

The Molecular Life of Plants

Jones, Russell


The Molecular Life of Plants presents students with an innovative, integrated approach to plant science. It looks at the processes and mechanisms that underlie each stage of plant life and describes the intricate network of cellular, molecular, biochemical

Stanley, Lesley - Molecular and Cellular Toxicology: An Introduction, ebook

Molecular and Cellular Toxicology: An Introduction

Stanley, Lesley


Over the last ten years the subject of toxicology has changed dramatically, moving from a discipline which was once firmly wedded to traditional methods to one which is keen to embrace the innovative techniques emerging from the developing fields of cell culture and molecular

Gainer, Harold - Molecular Neuroendocrinololgy: From Genome to Physiology, ebook

Molecular Neuroendocrinololgy: From Genome to Physiology

Gainer, Harold


Molecular Neuroendocrinology: From Genome to Physiology, provides researchers and students with a critical examination of the steps being taken to decipher genome complexity in the context of the expression, regulation and physiological functions of genes in neuroendocrine systems.

Müller, Werner E. G. - Molecular Biomineralization, ebook

Molecular Biomineralization

Müller, Werner E. G.


Table of contents
1. Magnetite Biomineralization in Bacteria
Jens Baumgartner, Damien Faivre
2. Maxi- and Mini-Ferritins: Minerals and Protein Nanocages
Loes E. Bevers, Elizabeth C. Theil
3. Manganese Oxidation by Bacteria: Biogeochemical Aspects
P. P. Sujith, P. A. Loka Bharathi
4. Molecular Biomineralization:

Giese, Matthias - Molecular Vaccines, ebook

Molecular Vaccines

Giese, Matthias


Molecular Vaccines – from Prophylaxis to Therapy
1. From Pasteur to Personalized Vaccines
Matthias Giese
Part II. Vaccine Immunology
2. Basic Vaccine Immunology
Matthias Giese
3. Gut Immunology and Oral Vaccination
Sharon M. Tennant, Khitam

Giese, Matthias - Molecular Vaccines, ebook

Molecular Vaccines

Giese, Matthias


Table of contents
Part V. Noninfectious and Noncancer (NINC) Vaccines
1. Vaccines for Hypertension and Atherosclerosis
Hiroyuki Sasamura, Tasuhiko Azegami, Hiroshi Itoh
2. Anti-ghrelin Therapeutic Vaccine: A Novel Approach for Obesity Treatment