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Edwards, Alistair - Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy, ebook

Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy

Edwards, Alistair


Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy From Machiavelli to Marx The interpretive literature in the history of political thought is now vast, complex and esoteric, posing as much a barrier to the understanding of the undergraduate student as it offers assistance. This unique and innovative

Sorell, Tom - Scientia in Early Modern Philosophy, ebook

Scientia in Early Modern Philosophy

Sorell, Tom


The Unity of Natural Philosophy and the End of Scientia
Stephen Gaukroger
3. Matter, Mortality, and the Changing Ideal of Science
Catherine Wilson
4. Scientia and Inductio Scientifica in the Logica Hamburgensis

Joy, Morny - Continental Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion, ebook

Continental Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion

Joy, Morny


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Morny Joy
2. Paul Ricoeur: Hermeneutics, Philosophy and Religion
Morny Joy
3. Thinking Otherwise: Derrida’s Contribution to Philosophy of Religion
Ellen T. Armour
4. Levinas’s Project: An Interpretative Phenomenology of Sensibility and Intersubjectivity

Santayana, George - Some Turns of Though on Modern Philosophy, ebook

Some Turns of Though on Modern Philosophy

Santayana, George


This book contains five essays on modern philosophy, and over the years has come to be a very well respected collection. This version has been specially formatted for today's e-readers by Andrews UK, and contains the original author's supplementary

Rozynek, Michal - A Philosophy of Nationhood and the Modern Self, ebook

A Philosophy of Nationhood and the Modern Self

Rozynek, Michal


Table of contents
Part 1. Nationhood in Political Theory
1. Introduction
Michal Rozynek
2. Defining ‘The Nation’
Michal Rozynek
3. Nationhood and Its Critics
Michal Rozynek
Part 2. Subjectivity as Modernity
4. The Genealogy of the Modern Self
Michal Rozynek
5. Individual Autonomy

Santinello, Giovanni - Models of the History of Philosophy, ebook

Models of the History of Philosophy

Santinello, Giovanni


The Histories of Philosophy in France in the Age of Descartes
Gregorio Piaia
2. Philosophical Historiography in France from Bayle to Deslandes
Gregorio Piaia
3. A “Critical” History of Philosophy and the Early

Lenz, Martin - Contemporary Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy, ebook

Contemporary Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy

Lenz, Martin


Table of contents
1. Nature and Norms in Thought
Martin Lenz, Anik Waldow
Part I. Nature’s Influence on the Mind
2. Intentionality Bifurcated: A Lesson from Early Modern Philosophy?
Lionel Shapiro
3. Ideas as Thick Beliefs: Spinoza on the Normativity of Ideas
Martin Lenz
4. Three Problems