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Vaughan, Megan - Curing Their Ills: Colonial Power and African Illness, ebook

Curing Their Ills: Colonial Power and African Illness

Vaughan, Megan

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Curing their Ills traces the history of encounters between European medicine and African societies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Vaughan's detailed examination of medical discourse of the period reveals its shifting and fragmented nature, highlights its use in the creation of

Radcliff, Pamela Beth - Modern Spain: 1808 to the Present, ebook

Modern Spain: 1808 to the Present

Radcliff, Pamela Beth


Modern Spain: 1808 to the Presentis a comprehensive overview of Spanish history from the Napoleonic era to the present day. Places a large emphasis on Spain’s place within broader European and global history The

Wilson, Peter H. - A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Europe, ebook

A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Europe

Wilson, Peter H.


This Companion contains 31 essays by leading international scholars to provide an overview of the key debates on eighteenth-century Europe.

Examines the social, intellectual, economic, cultural, and political changes that took place throughout…