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Koliopoulos, John S. - Modern Greece: A History since 1821, ebook

Modern Greece: A History since 1821

Koliopoulos, John S.


Modern Greece: A History since 1821 is a chronological account of the political, economic, social, and cultural history of Greece, from the birth of the Greek state in 1821 to 2008 by two leading authorities. Pioneering and wide-ranging study of modern

Streete, Adrian - Early Modern Drama and the Bible, ebook

Early Modern Drama and the Bible

Streete, Adrian


Representing the Bible in Early Modern Drama: Material and Verbal Contexts
2. Enter the Book: Reading the Bible on the Early Modern Stage
Michael Davies
3. Measuring up to Nebuchadnezzar: Biblical Presences in Shakespeare’s Tragicomedies
Helen Wilcox

Collins, James B. - Early Modern Europe: Issues and Interpretations, ebook

Early Modern Europe: Issues and Interpretations

Collins, James B.


This reader brings together original and influential recent work in the field of early modern European history.
Provides a thought-provoking overview of current thinking on this period. Key themes include evolving early-modern identities; changes

Rogers, Karl - Modern Science and the Capriciousness of Nature, ebook

Modern Science and the Capriciousness of Nature

Rogers, Karl


Table of contents
1. The Capriciousness of Nature
Karl Rogers
2. The Metaphysics of Modern Science
Karl Rogers
3. The Technological Society
Karl Rogers
4. The Confrontation with Nature
Karl Rogers
5. Labour and the Lifeworld
Karl Rogers
6. Into the Future
Karl Rogers

Radcliff, Pamela Beth - Modern Spain: 1808 to the Present, ebook

Modern Spain: 1808 to the Present

Radcliff, Pamela Beth


Modern Spain: 1808 to the Presentis a comprehensive overview of Spanish history from the Napoleonic era to the present day. Places a large emphasis on Spain’s place within broader European and global history The chronological political narrative is enriched by separate chapters on long

Harris, Frank - Modern Construction Management, ebook

Modern Construction Management

Harris, Frank


While the construction process still requires traditional skills, changes over recent decades today demand improved understanding of modern business, production and contractual practices.  The authors have responded accordingly and the book has undergone a thorough

Adams, Robyn - Diplomacy and Early Modern Culture, ebook

Diplomacy and Early Modern Culture

Adams, Robyn


Francis Bacon’s Bi-literal Cipher and the Materiality of Early Modern Diplomatic Writing
Alan Stewart
9. Court Hieroglyphics: the Idea of the Cipher in Ben Jonson’s Masques
Hannah J. Crawforth
10. The Ambassador’s Household: Sir Henry Wotton,

Bucholz, Robert - Early Modern England 1485-1714: A Narrative History, ebook

Early Modern England 1485-1714: A Narrative History

Bucholz, Robert

From 33,20€

The second edition of this bestselling narrative history has been revised and expanded to reflect recent scholarship. The book traces the transformation of England during the Tudor-Stuart period, from feudal European state to a constitutional monarchy…

Amin, Camron Michael - The Modern Middle East : A Sourcebook for History, ebook

The Modern Middle East : A Sourcebook for History

Amin, Camron Michael


The Modern Middle East is a themed collection of translated sources covering official and private archives, the periodical press, memoirs, western journalists' and travellers' accounts, literature, and official reports. Each document is presented and put... Copying to clipboard limited

Edwards, Alistair - Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy, ebook

Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy

Edwards, Alistair


Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy From Machiavelli to Marx The interpretive literature in the history of political thought is now vast, complex and esoteric, posing as much a barrier to the understanding of the undergraduate student as it offers assistance. This unique and innovative