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Yang, Laurence T. - Mobile Intelligence, ebook

Mobile Intelligence

Yang, Laurence T.


* Focuses on learning patterns and knowledge from data generated by mobile users and mobile technology.
* Covers research and application issues in applying computational intelligence applications to mobile computing
* Delivers benefits to a wide

Salmelin, Juha - Mobile Backhaul, ebook

Mobile Backhaul

Salmelin, Juha


Comprehensive coverage of IP/MPLS/Ethernet backhaul technologies and solutions for 3GPP mobile network systems such as LTE, HSPA and GPRS
Focusing on backhaul from a radio network viewpoint, Mobile Backhaul combines perspectives on mobile

Minoli, Daniel - Mobile Video with Mobile IPv6, ebook

Mobile Video with Mobile IPv6

Minoli, Daniel


Increased reliance on mobile devices and streaming of video content are two of the most recent changes that have led those in the video distribution industry to be concerned about the shifting or erosion of traditional advertising revenues. Infrastructure providers also need to position

Quinn, Clark N. - The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education, ebook

The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education

Quinn, Clark N.


A fundamental revolution in higher education is being sparked by the ubiquity of mobile devices used by students, faculty, and administrators. The opportunity is ripe for institutions, instructors, and instructional designers to take advantage of mobile

Chindapol, Aik - Deploying Mobile WiMAX, ebook

Deploying Mobile WiMAX

Chindapol, Aik


Focusing on the foundation and interactions among components of Mobile WiMAX, Deploying Mobile WiMAX illustrates scenarios of network and radio technology. This book enables readers to utilise the flexibility of IP-based mobile

Assing, Dominique - Mobile Access Safety: Beyond BYOD, ebook

Mobile Access Safety: Beyond BYOD

Assing, Dominique


Over the last few years, mobile equipment to remotely connect to the corporate network (smartphones, ultra-light laptops, etc.) has rapidly grown. Future development perspectives and new tendencies such as BYOD (Bring your own device) expose more than ever business information system to

Curwen, Peter - The future of mobile communications , ebook

The future of mobile communications

Curwen, Peter


The future of mobile communications -awaiting the third generation Mobile communications are about to enter the third stage in their development, widely known as 3G. This will bring always-on internet access to mobile

P?tzold, Matthias - Mobile Radio Channels, ebook

Mobile Radio Channels

P?tzold, Matthias


Providing a comprehensive overview of the modelling, analysis and simulation of mobile radio channels, this book gives a detailed understanding of fundamental issues and examines state-of-the-art techniques in mobile radio channel modelling. It analyses