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Kitchen, Philip J. - Marketing Metaphors and Metamorphosis, ebook

Marketing Metaphors and Metamorphosis

Kitchen, Philip J.


Marketing Metaphors and Metamorphosis: an Introduction
Philip J. Kitchen
2. Metaphors and marketing: Some Uses and Abuses
Caroline Tynan
3. The Globalization of Markets and the Rule of Three
Jagdish N. Sheth, Can Uslay, Rajendra S. Sisodia

Liu, Eric - Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility, ebook

Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility

Liu, Eric


When imagination becomes habit, it can transform your work and your life
The best corporations know that innovative thinking is the only competitive advantage that cannot be outsourced. The best schools are those that create cultures of imagination.…

Sandy, Marie G. - Collective Action for Social Change, ebook

Collective Action for Social Change

Sandy, Marie G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Aaron Schutz, Marie G. Sandy
Part I. Overview
2. What Is Community Organizing?
Aaron Schutz, Marie G. Sandy
3. What Isn’t Community Organizing?
Aaron Schutz, Marie G. Sandy
Part II. History and Theory
4. Collective Action in Twentieth-Century America: A Brief

Parcell, Geoff - No More Consultants: We know more than we think, ebook

No More Consultants: We know more than we think

Parcell, Geoff


I particularly like the metaphors, the step-by-step guide and the mix of real case stories. It carries its sophisticated thinking with a certain lightness that will surely appeal to busy managers reading it on the train. I suspect

Wagner, Anne - Law, Culture and Visual Studies, ebook

Law, Culture and Visual Studies

Wagner, Anne


Representing Sovereignty in Renaissance England: Pictorial Metaphors and the Visibility of Law
Cristina Costantini, Lucia Morra
5. Visual Common Sense
Neal Feigenson
6. The Photographic Image: Truth or Sign?
Ira Torresi
7. Visualization Between

Petruzzellis, Luca - Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing, ebook

Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing

Petruzzellis, Luca


CEOs Who Tweet: Metaphors and Gendered Communication
William H. Locander, Daniel M. Ladik, William B. Locander
53. The Effects of Quality Signals Through Website Context Based on Trust in the Internet Service
Flávio Régio Brambilla, Ciro Eduardo Gusatti