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Lane, Nick - Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the meaning of life, ebook

Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the meaning of life

Lane, Nick


Mitochondria are tiny structures within all our cells, believed to have once evolved from bacteria living independent lives. Drawing on cutting edge research, this book explores the fundamental role they play in some of the biggest themes in biology: evo Copying to clipboard limited

Scheffler, Immo E. - Mitochondria, ebook


Scheffler, Immo E.


Mitochondria are complex organelles, possessing inner and outer membranes and even their own DNA. A typical cell contains 800 mitochondria, termed the "powerhouse of the cell", playing a central role in metabolism, respiration, and ATF production.

Logan, David C. - Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Mitochondria, ebook

Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Mitochondria

Logan, David C.


This long-awaited second edition covers the major changes that have occurred in the field over the last decade 
Completely revised with the most up-to-date research and including brand new chapters, Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 50: Plant Mitochondria, 2nd Edition presents the multifaceted

Schaffer, Stephen W. - Mitochondria, ebook


Schaffer, Stephen W.


Mitochondria as Initiators of Cell Signaling
8. Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mitochondria
Julio F. Turrens
9. Mitochondrial Calcium: Role in the Normal and Ischaemic/Reperfused Myocardium
Elinor J. Griffiths, Christopher J. Bell, Dirki Balaska,

Scheffler, Immo E. - Mitochondria, ebook


Scheffler, Immo E.


This book is the eagerly awaited second edition of the best-selling Mitochondria, a book widely acknowledged as the first modern, truly comprehensive authored work on the important, scientifically fundamental topic of the cellular organelles known as mitochondria.
This new edition

Marín-García, José - Mitochondria and the Heart, ebook

Mitochondria and the Heart

Marín-García, José


An Introduction to Mitochondria and the Heart
2. Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in the Heart
3. Heart Mitochondrial Biogenesis
4. ROS Generation, Antioxidants, and Cell Death
5. Myocardial Ischemia and Cardioprotection
6. Mitochondria Dysfunction in Cardiomyopathy

Martin, William F. - Origin of Mitochondria and Hydrogenosomes, ebook

Origin of Mitochondria and Hydrogenosomes

Martin, William F.


Anaerobic Mitochondria: Properties and Origins
Aloysius G. M. Tielens, Jaap J. Hellemond
6. Iron–Sulfur Proteins and Iron–Sulfur Cluster Assembly in Organisms with Hydrogenosomes and Mitosomes
Jan Tachezy, Pavel Doležal
7. Hydrogenosomes (and Related

Costello, Leslie - Mitochondria and Cancer, ebook

Mitochondria and Cancer

Costello, Leslie


Table of contents
2. Mitochondrial Respiration and Differentiation
Roberto Scatena, Patrizia Bottoni, Bruno Giardina
3. Integration of Energy Metabolism and Control of Apoptosis in Tumor Cells
John G. Pastorino, Jan B. Hoek
4. Energy Generating Pathways and the Tumor Suppressor p53
Chad A. Corcoran, Ying

Sheu, Shey-Shing - Pharmacology of Mitochondria, ebook

Pharmacology of Mitochondria

Sheu, Shey-Shing


Nuclear Transcription Factors in the Mitochondria: A New Paradigm in Fine-Tuning Mitochondrial Metabolism
Naresh Babu V. Sepuri, Prasad Tammineni, Fareed Mohammed, Arunkumar Paripati
2. The Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore and ATP Synthase

Kempken, Frank - Plant Mitochondria, ebook

Plant Mitochondria

Kempken, Frank


Interaction Between Chloroplasts and Mitochondria: Activity, Function, and Regulation of the Mitochondrial Respiratory System during Photosynthesis
Keisuke Yoshida, Ko Noguchi
16. Plant Mitochondrial Retrograde Regulation
David M. Rhoads
17. Mitochondrial