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Antonioni, Peter - Microeconomics For Dummies, ebook

Microeconomics For Dummies

Antonioni, Peter


Your no-nonsense guide to microeconomics
The study of microeconomics isn't for the faint of heart. Fortunately, Microeconomics For Dummies is here to help make this tough topic accessible to the masses. If you're a business or finance major looking

Estola, Matti - Newtonian Microeconomics, ebook

Newtonian Microeconomics

Estola, Matti


Table of contents
1. Economics as a Science
Matti Estola
2. Measuring in Economics
Matti Estola
3. Consumer Behavior
Matti Estola
4. The Behavior of Firms
Matti Estola
5. Goods Markets
Matti Estola
6. Labor as…

Guzman, Martin - Contemporary Issues in Microeconomics, ebook

Contemporary Issues in Microeconomics

Guzman, Martin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Martin Guzman, Joseph E. Stiglitz
Part I. Inequality, Poverty, and Security
2. The University of Texas Inequality Project Global Inequality Data Sets, 1963–2008: Updates, Revisions and Quality Checks

Lesourne, Jacques - Evolutionary Microeconomics, ebook

Evolutionary Microeconomics

Lesourne, Jacques


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Part I:.The basic concepts
2. Individual decision
3. The elementary market
4. Game situations
Part II:.The markets
5. Market with irreversibilities
6. Mimetic interactions
7. Competition…

Olney, Martha L. - Wiley Schnellkurs Mikrokonomie, ebook

Wiley Schnellkurs Mikrokonomie

Olney, Martha L.


Die Mikroökonomie setzt klare Definitionen.

Martha L. Olney hilft Ihnen, Ihren Blick auf die Mikroökonomie zu schärfen. Sie konzentriert sich auf die Konzepte, Annahmen und Modelle, die Sie im Kurs Mikroökonomie lernen müssen. Schnell…

Ferguson, Ken - Essential Economics, ebook

Essential Economics

Ferguson, Ken


Contents MICROECONOMICS An Introduction Consumer Theory Demand and Supply Elasticity Production Theory of the Firm I Theory of the Firm II Theory of the Firm III MACROECONOMICS The Circular Flow of Income Aggregate Demand I Aggregate Demand II Money