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Lidz, Victor - Rationality in the Social Sciences, ebook

Rationality in the Social Sciences

Lidz, Victor


The Concept of Rationality in Modern Social Sciences: A Critical Appraisal of Joseph A. Schumpeter’s Essay on “The Meaning of Rationality”
Andreas Diekmann
11. Schütz on Rationality
Martin Endress
12. Rationality,

Rossiter, John R. - Measurement for the Social Sciences, ebook

Measurement for the Social Sciences

Rossiter, John R.


Table of contents
1. Rationale of C-OAR-SE
John R. Rossiter
2. Validity and Reliability
John R. Rossiter
3. Object Classification and Measures
John R. Rossiter
4. Attribute Classification and Measures
John R. Rossiter

Bruno, Isabelle - The Social Sciences of Quantification, ebook

The Social Sciences of Quantification

Bruno, Isabelle


The Social Sciences of Quantification in France: An Overview
Isabelle Bruno, Florence Jany-Catrice, Béatrice Touchelay
Part I. Sociology of Quantification: Alain Desrosières’s contributions
2. Introduction to the

Habermas, Jürgen - On the Logic of the Social Sciences, ebook

On the Logic of the Social Sciences

Habermas, Jürgen


In this wide-ranging work, now available in paperback, Habermas presents his views on the nature of the social sciences and their distinctive methodology and concerns. He examines, among other things, the traditional

Fincham, Ben - Mobile Methodologies, ebook

Mobile Methodologies

Fincham, Ben


Narrating Mobile Methodologies: Active and Passive Empiricisms
David Bissell
Part II. Steering the Mobile
6. Liverpool Musicscapes: Music Performance, Movement and the Built Urban Environment
Brett Lashua, Sara Cohen
7. Vim de Bahia pra lhe ver: