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Pruppacher, H.R. - Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation, ebook

Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation

Pruppacher, H.R.


Table of contents
1. Historical Review
H.R. Pruppacher, J.D. Klett
2. Microstructure of Atmospheric Clouds and Precipitation
H.R. Pruppacher, J.D. Klett
3. The Structure of Water Substance
H.R. Pruppacher, J.D. Klett
4. Equilibrium…

Cassano, John J. - Applied Atmospheric Dynamics, ebook

Applied Atmospheric Dynamics

Cassano, John J.


Covers the standard theoretical principles of atmospheric dynamics and applies the theory to global real world examples Assumes only non-vector based calculus Features supplementary CD-ROM with electronic versions of all figures, case study data and possible term projects An invaluable text for students

Henkel, Herbert - Impact Tectonics, ebook

Impact Tectonics

Henkel, Herbert


Table of contents
1. “Pseudotachylites” in Large Impact Structures
Wolf U. Reimold, Roger L. Gibson
2. The Mechanics of Pseudotachylite Formation in Impact Events
H. Jay Melosh
3. Silicified Cone-in-Cone Structures from Erfoud (Morocco):…