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Bathias, Claude - Fatigue Limit in Metals, ebook

Fatigue Limit in Metals

Bathias, Claude


Is there a fatigue limit in metals? This question is the main focus of this book.
Written by a leading researcher in the field, Claude Bathias presents a thorough and authoritative examination of the coupling between plasticity, crack initiation and heat dissipation for lifetimes that

Rieke, Reuben D. - Chemical Synthesis Using Highly Reactive Metals, ebook

Chemical Synthesis Using Highly Reactive Metals

Rieke, Reuben D.


Written by the creator of Rieke metals, valuable for chemical reaction methods and efficiency, this groundbreaking book addresses a significant aspect of organic and inorganic chemistry. The author discusses synthetic methods, preparation procedures, chemical reactions, and applications

Mason, Robert P. - Trace Metals in Aquatic Systems, ebook

Trace Metals in Aquatic Systems

Mason, Robert P.

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This book provides a detailed examination of the concentration, form and cycling of trace metals and metalloids through the aquatic biosphere, and has sections dealing with the atmosphere, the ocean, lakes and rivers. It discusses exchanges at the water interface (air/water and sediment/water)