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Nunn, Chris - Who Was Mrs Willett?, ebook

Who Was Mrs Willett?

Nunn, Chris


Here is an account of mentality and human experience, written for a multi-disciplinary readership. The focus is on how mind, consciousness and selves inter-relate, extending into exploration of ideas about the nature of awareness and a search for relevant evidence. 'Consciousness studies'

Radman, Zdravko - Before Consciousness, ebook

Before Consciousness

Radman, Zdravko


Without consciousness we would not be the kind of creatures we are, but what makes us really unique is our specific non-conscious constellation - a basis from which all mentality germinates and which is irreducible, that is, not representable or in any way simulable. This

Mignolo, Walter D. - The Idea of Latin America, ebook

The Idea of Latin America

Mignolo, Walter D.


The Idea of Latin America is a geo-political manifesto which insists on the need to leave behind an idea which belonged to the nation-building mentality of nineteenth-century Europe.
Charts the history of the concept of Latin America from its emergence in Europe in the second half of

Anderson, Mark - Japan and the Specter of Imperialism, ebook

Japan and the Specter of Imperialism

Anderson, Mark


Capitalist Govern Mentality and Melodramatic Resistance in Ozaki Kôyô’s Konjiki Yasha
Mark Anderson
7. Haga Yaichi’s Institution of Classical Japanese Literature
Mark Anderson
8. Epilogue
Mark Anderson