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Harackiewicz, Judith M. - The Science of  Interest, ebook

The Science of Interest

Harackiewicz, Judith M.


The Dynamic Nature of Interest: Embedding Interest Within Self-Regulation
Dustin B. Thoman, Carol Sansone, Danielle Geerling
3. The Multifaceted Role of Interest in Motivation and Engagement
Paul A. O’Keefe, E. J.

Snelgrove, Kevin - 101 Interesting Facts on Justin Bieber, ebook

101 Interesting Facts on Justin Bieber

Snelgrove, Kevin


Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? Have you followed the young Canadian’s rise to prominence from his early postings on YouTube through to international stardom? Would you like to find out more about the hugely popular teenage singer? If the answer is yes, there is no better way to get to know your favourite pop star than with

Homer, Sidney - A History of Interest Rates, ebook

A History of Interest Rates

Homer, Sidney


A History of Interest Rates presents a very readable account of interest rate trends and lending practices over four millennia of economic history. Despite the paucity of data prior to the Industrial Revolution, authors Homer and Sylla provide a highly

Jordan, Grant - Democracy and Interest Groups, ebook

Democracy and Interest Groups

Jordan, Grant


Making Interests: Creating Members?
Grant Jordan, William A. Maloney
4. The Business of Building Group Membership
Grant Jordan, William A. Maloney
5. Understanding Joining — And Not Joining
Grant Jordan, William A. Maloney
6. The Social Capital

Svoboda, Simona - Interest Rate Modelling, ebook

Interest Rate Modelling

Svoboda, Simona


Description Growth in the derivatives market has brought with it a greater volume and range of interest rate dependent products. These products have become increasingly innovative and complex to price, requiring sophisticated market models that capture the full dynamics

Chow, Peter C. Y. - National Identity and Economic Interest, ebook

National Identity and Economic Interest

Chow, Peter C. Y.


Table of contents
Part I. Economic Integration with a Rival Political Regime
1. Introduction
Peter C. Y. Chow
2. Democratic Supervision of Taiwan-China Agreements: On the ECFA and Beyond
Jau-Yuan Hwang
3. The ECFA