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Erll, Astrid - Memory in Culture, ebook

Memory in Culture

Erll, Astrid


The Invention of Cultural Memory: A Short History of Memory Studies
Astrid Erll
3. The Disciplines of Memory Studies
Astrid Erll
4. Memory and Culture: A Semiotic Model
Astrid Erll
5. Media and Memory
Astrid Erll
6. Literature as a Medium

Lacaze, Pierre-Camille - Non-volatile Memories, ebook

Non-volatile Memories

Lacaze, Pierre-Camille


Written for scientists, researchers, and engineers, Non-volatile Memories describes the recent research and implementations in relation to the design of a new generation of non-volatile electronic memories. The objective is to replace existing

Bøndergaard, Johanne Helbo - Forensic Memory, ebook

Forensic Memory

Bøndergaard, Johanne Helbo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard
2. After Testimony
Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard
3. Forensic Traces
Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard
4. Forensic Narration
Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard
5. Conclusion

Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Keren - Journalism and Memory, ebook

Journalism and Memory

Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Keren


Shifting the Politics of Memory: Mnemonic Trajectories in a Global Public Terrain
Ingrid Volkmer, Carolyne Lee
5. Collective Memory in a Post-Broadcast World
Jill A. Edy
Part II. Domains of Journalism and Memory

Kleist, J. Olaf - Political Memories and Migration, ebook

Political Memories and Migration

Kleist, J. Olaf


Table of contents
1. Memories and Migration: Politics of Belonging
J. Olaf Kleist
2. Australia Day from Colony to Citizenship: 1788–1948
J. Olaf Kleist
3. Australia Day from Citizenship to Multiculturalism: 1948–1988
J. Olaf Kleist
4. Pasts and Politics: Beyond the Boundaries of Belonging

Alfano, Veronica - The Lyric in Victorian Memory, ebook

The Lyric in Victorian Memory

Alfano, Veronica


The Forgetting of Symons: Photographic Memory and Formal Reincarnation
Veronica Alfano
5. Amnesia and Nostalgia in Housman’s A Shropshire Lad: “Those Blue Remembered Hills”
Veronica Alfano
6. Coda
Veronica Alfano