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Atkinson, Brett - Lonely Planet Vietnam, ebook

Lonely Planet Vietnam

Atkinson, Brett


Get to the heart of Vietnam and begin your journey now!
Inside Lonely Planet's Vietnam: Colour maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble

Hansen, James - Climate Prediction and Agriculture, ebook

Climate Prediction and Agriculture

Hansen, James


Application of Climate Prediction for Rice Production in the Mekong River Delta (Vietnam)
Nguyen T. Hien Thuan, Luong V. Viet, Nguyen T. Phuong, T. X. Lan, Nguyen D. Phu
19. Climate Prediction and Agriculture: What Is Different

Bui, Dieu Tien - Advances and Applications in Geospatial Technology and Earth Resources, ebook

Advances and Applications in Geospatial Technology and Earth Resources

Bui, Dieu Tien


Table of contents
1. A Computational Tool for Time-Series Prediction of Mining-Induced Subsidence Based on Time-Effect Function and Geodetic Monitoring Data
Nguyen Quoc Long, Xuan-Nam Bui, Luyen Khac Bui, Khoa Dat Vu Huynh, Canh Le, Michał Buczek, Thang Phi Nguyen
2. Lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Structure-from-Motion

Sumi, Akimasa - Sustainability in Food and Water, ebook

Sustainability in Food and Water

Sumi, Akimasa


Alternative Safe Water for Communities in the Mekong Delta and Coastal Zone: Vietnam
Tran Thi Trieu, Nguyen Lam Giang
15. Community Based Management of Traditional Water Resources in Western Himalayan Region