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Takamiya, Toshiyuki - The Medieval Python, ebook

The Medieval Python

Takamiya, Toshiyuki


The Medieval Works of Terry Jones
Sanae Ikeda
3. Young Jones at Oxford, 1961–62
V. A. Kolve
4. The Earl of Arundel, the War with France, and the Anger of King Richard II
Chris Given-Wilson
5. Terry Jones’s Richard II
Nigel Saul

Verderber, Suzanne - The Medieval Fold, ebook

The Medieval Fold

Verderber, Suzanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Suzanne Verderber
2. The Gregorian Reform, Pastoral Power, and Subjection
Suzanne Verderber
3. The Courtly Fold: The Subjectivation of Pastoral Power and the Invention of Modern Eroticism

Greene, Virginie - The Medieval Author in Medieval French Literature, ebook

The Medieval Author in Medieval French Literature

Greene, Virginie


The Medieval “Author”: An Idea Whose Time Hadn’t Come?
Stephen G. Nichols
6. From One Mask to Another: The Trials and Tribulations of an Author of Romance at the Time of Perceforest
Anne Berthelot
7. The Experiencing Self and the Narrating Self

Krummel, Miriamne Ara - Jews in Medieval England, ebook

Jews in Medieval England

Krummel, Miriamne Ara


Introduction: Jews in Medieval England— A Temporal and Pedagogical Vision
Miriamne Ara Krummel, Tison Pugh
Part I. Visible Invisibilities and Textual Lacunae
2. Addressing Jewish Alterity in the Literature of Anglo-Saxon England
Shannon O. Ambrose

Normington, Katie - Medieval English Drama, ebook

Medieval English Drama

Normington, Katie


Medieval English Drama provides a fresh introduction to the dramatic and festive practices of England in the late Middle Ages. The book places particular emphasis on the importance of the performance contexts of these events, bringing to life a period before permanent theatre buildings when

Jones, Timothy S. - Outlawry in Medieval Literature, ebook

Outlawry in Medieval Literature

Jones, Timothy S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Timothy S. Jones
2. Law and the Narrative of Outlawry
Timothy S. Jones
3. The Literature of Borders
Timothy S. Jones
4. Reading and Representing Transgression
Timothy S. Jones
5. The…

Skinner, Patricia - Living with Disfigurement in Early Medieval Europe, ebook

Living with Disfigurement in Early Medieval Europe

Skinner, Patricia


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Writing and Reading About Medieval Disfigurement
Patricia Skinner
2. The Face, Honor and “Face”
Patricia Skinner
3. Disfigurement, Authority and the Law
Patricia Skinner
4. Stigma and Disfigurement: Putting on a Brave Face?
Patricia Skinner
5. Defacing

Davis, Henry - Medieval Europe, ebook

Medieval Europe

Davis, Henry


This interesting ebook giving an overview of the history of Europe during Medieval times has been specially formatted for today's e-readers. Written by Henry Davis, it covers subjects such as the papacy, the crusades, and the geo-political situation of European countries. It is an interesting

Fudgé, Thomas A. - Medieval Religion and its Anxieties, ebook

Medieval Religion and its Anxieties

Fudgé, Thomas A.


The Feast of the Ass: Medieval Faith, Fun, and Fear
Thomas A. Fudgé
2. Prosecuting Animals as Criminals in Medieval Europe
Thomas A. Fudgé
3. Piety, Perversion, and Serial Killing: The Strange Case of Gilles de Rais
Thomas A. Fudgé
4. Gargoyles