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Gulati, Mangla S. - Hospital Medicine, ebook

Hospital Medicine

Gulati, Mangla S.


Incorporating Evidence-Based Medicine into Your Daily Life
Negin J. Ahadi, Robert J. Habicht
10. Interprofessional Collaboration
Abel Joy, Philip C. Dittmar
11. Transitions of Care
Danielle Y. Baek, Nidhi Goel
12. The Patient Experience

Nelson, Ehren - Pain Medicine, ebook

Pain Medicine

Nelson, Ehren


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Physical Modalities, Orthoses, Assistive Devices, and Manipulation
Aaron Jay Yang, Ryan Castoro, Nitin B. Jain
110. Work Rehabilitation
Kathy Aligene, Akshay S. Garg, Karina Gritsenko, Yury Khelemsky
111. Complementary,

Jevon, Philip - Medicines Management, ebook

Medicines Management

Jevon, Philip


Medicines Management provides a concise exploration of the nurse's role in medicines management. It explains what is meant by medicines

Kushner, Robert F. - Lifestyle Medicine, ebook

Lifestyle Medicine

Kushner, Robert F.


Lifestyle Therapy as Medicine for the Treatment of Obesity
Jamy D. Ard, Gary D. Miller
22. Lifestyle Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus
W. Timothy Garvey, Gillian Arathuzik
23. Lifestyle Therapy in the Management of

Andrews, A. H. - Bovine Medicine: Diseases and Husbandry of Cattle, ebook

Bovine Medicine: Diseases and Husbandry of Cattle

Andrews, A. H.


Bovine Medicine provides practical and comprehensive information on cattle disease and production and is a key reference for all large animal vets. Since the first edition was published in 1991 there have been significant improvements in disease control and management

Cohn, Steven L. - Perioperative Medicine, ebook

Perioperative Medicine

Cohn, Steven L.


Perioperative Management of Anticoagulation
Scott Kaatz, David G. Paje
5. Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis
Steven L. Cohn
6. Prevention of Infective Endocarditis (Bacterial Endocarditis Prophylaxis)
Steven L. Cohn
7. Surgical Site Infection

Cooper, Nicola - ABC of Geriatric Medicine, ebook

ABC of Geriatric Medicine

Cooper, Nicola


ABC of Geriatric Medicine provides an overview of geriatric medicine in practice. Chapters are written by experts, and are based on the specialty geriatric medicine curriculum in the UK.

Nair, Balakrishnan Kichu R. - Geriatric Medicine, ebook

Geriatric Medicine

Nair, Balakrishnan Kichu R.


Diagnosis and Management of Depressed Mood in the Older Person
Brendan Flynn
8. Falls: Prevention and Management
Sunita Paul
9. The Problem of Incontinence in the Elderly
Jonathan Marriott
10. Acute Care and Geriatric Assessment