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Kappe, C. Oliver - Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, ebook

Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Kappe, C. Oliver


Tailored to the needs of medicinal and natural products chemists, the second edition of this unique handbook brings the contents up to speed, almost doubling the amount of chemical information with an additional volume.
As in the predecessor, a short introductory section covers the theoretical

Dewick, Paul M. - Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach, ebook

Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach

Dewick, Paul M.


Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach, Third Edition, provides a comprehensive and balanced introduction to natural products from a biosynthetic perspective, focussing on the metabolic sequences leading to various classes of natural products. The book builds upon fundamental

Thomas, Gareth - Medicinal Chemistry: An Introduction, ebook

Medicinal Chemistry: An Introduction

Thomas, Gareth


Medicinal Chemistry: An Introduction, Second Edition provides a comprehensive, balanced introduction to this evolving and multidisciplinary area of research. Building on the success of the First Edition, this edition has been completely revised and updated

Brown, Nathan - Bioisosteres in Medicinal Chemistry, ebook

Bioisosteres in Medicinal Chemistry

Brown, Nathan


Written with the practicing medicinal chemist in mind, this is the first modern handbook to systematically address the topic of bioisosterism.
As such, it provides a ready reference on the principles and methods of bioisosteric replacement as a key tool in preclinical drug development.

Alber, Frank - Quantum Medicinal Chemistry, ebook

Quantum Medicinal Chemistry

Alber, Frank


Increasingly faster and more exact simulation algorithms have made quantum chemistry a valuable tool in the search for active substances.
Written by a team of leading international quantum chemists, this book is aimed at both beginners as well as experienced

Dingermann, Theodor - Molecular Biology in Medicinal Chemistry, ebook

Molecular Biology in Medicinal Chemistry

Dingermann, Theodor


This readily comprehensible book explains the identification of molecular targets via cellular assays, reporter genes or transgenic models, as well as surveying recent advances in the synthesis, separation and analysis of drugs. A special section is devoted…

Thomas, Gareth - Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry, ebook

Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry

Thomas, Gareth


Provides a concise introduction to the chemistry of therapeutically active compounds, written in a readable and accessible style.
The title begins by reviewing the structures and nomenclature of the more common classes of naturally occurring compounds found in biological organisms.

Storr, Tim - Ligand Design in Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, ebook

Ligand Design in Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

Storr, Tim

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Increasing the potency of therapeutic compounds, while limiting side-effects, is a common goal in medicinal chemistry. Ligands that effectively bind metal ions and also include specific features to enhance targeting, reporting, and overall efficacy are