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Cockerham, William C. - Medical Sociology on the Move, ebook

Medical Sociology on the Move

Cockerham, William C.


Table of contents
1. The Rise of Theory in Medical Sociology
William C. Cockerham
2. Modern Symbolic Interaction Theory and Health
Kathy Charmaz, Linda Liska Belgrave
3. Social Construction and Health
Sigrun Olafsdottir
4. Statecraft and Soulcraft: Foucault on Prolonging Life
Alex Dumas, Bryan

Mesman, Jessica - Uncertainty in Medical Innovation, ebook

Uncertainty in Medical Innovation

Mesman, Jessica


Table of contents
1. Neonatology: A Permanent Dynamic of Change
Jessica Mesman
2. Newly Born and Indeterminate
Jessica Mesman
3. Co-travellers
Jessica Mesman
4. Uncertain Trajectories
Jessica Mesman
5. Beacons on the…

Brown, Tim - A Companion to Health and Medical Geography, ebook

A Companion to Health and Medical Geography

Brown, Tim


This Companion provides a comprehensive account of health and medical geography and approaches the major themes and key topics from a variety of angles. Offers a unique breadth of topics relating to both health and medical geography Includes contributions