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Smith, Chris - How to Succeed at the Medical Interview, ebook

How to Succeed at the Medical Interview

Smith, Chris


Doctors are likely to undergo several interviews of different types during their career, and this new title in the popular 'How to' series aims to guide the medical professional through the steps necessary to thoroughly prepare for this competitive process.

Eaton, Carleen - Getting into Medical School For Dummies, ebook

Getting into Medical School For Dummies

Eaton, Carleen


Your plain-English guide to getting into the medical school of your dreams
Getting accepted to medical school is a long and rigorous process and many students find they need help. If you're one of these students, Getting into Medical

Cleland, Jennifer - Researching Medical Education, ebook

Researching Medical Education

Cleland, Jennifer


Researching Medical Education is an authoritative guide to excellence in educational research in the health professions. Presented by the Association for the Study of Medical Education and the Association for Medical

Higgins, Michael C. - Medical Decision Making, ebook

Medical Decision Making

Higgins, Michael C.

From 49,70€

Medical Decision Making provides clinicians with a powerful framework for helping patients make decisions that increase the likelihood that they will have the outcomes that are most consistent with their preferences.
This new edition provides a thorough understanding of the key decision

Chopdar, Chris - Get into UK Medical School For Dummies, ebook

Get into UK Medical School For Dummies

Chopdar, Chris


Get the book and get into medical school. Sound simple? Well, it isn’t. But Get into UK Medical School For Dummies contains the information you need to get ahead of the competition and give yourself the best possible shot at success. Doctors Chris