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 - Everyday Medical Ethics and Law, ebook

Everyday Medical Ethics and Law


Everyday Medical Ethics and Law is based on the core chapters of Medical Ethics Today, focussing on the practical issues and dilemmas common to all doctors. It includes chapters on the law and professional guidance

Davey, Patrick - Medical Ethics, Law and Communication at a Glance, ebook

Medical Ethics, Law and Communication at a Glance

Davey, Patrick


Medical Ethics, Law and Communication at a Glance presents a succinct overview of these key areas of the medical curriculum.
This new title aims to provide a concise summary of the three core, interlinked topics essential to resolving ethical dilemmas

Law, Karen - Rheumatology Board Review, ebook

Rheumatology Board Review

Law, Karen


The first book developed specifically for review and preparation for the Rheumatology Boards, this volume highlights the latest advances in the field and new standards of care, including references to the medical literature. International standards and guidelines are also provided. Designed

Corfield, Lorraine - ABC of Medical Law, ebook

ABC of Medical Law

Corfield, Lorraine


An understanding of medical law is increasingly important for all health professionals and this new ABC provides a basic introduction to the legal issues faced in health care that is accessible to anyone without any legal knowledge. The ABC of

Tereskerz, Patricia M. - Clinical Research and the Law, ebook

Clinical Research and the Law

Tereskerz, Patricia M.


This book provides a comprehensive resource for medical professionals on the various legal aspects involved in conducting clinical research. It encompasses legal and ethical issues such as duty of care, research malpractice and negligence, standards of care, informed consent, liability issues

Ferrara, Santo Davide - Malpractice and Medical Liability, ebook

Malpractice and Medical Liability

Ferrara, Santo Davide


Present and Future Perspectives for Medical Malpractice, Responsibility, and Liability
S. Davide Ferrara, Guido Viel, Rafael Boscolo-Berto
Part II. Historical Background
2. Historical Overview of Medical Liability
Maurizio Rippa Bonati, Fabio Zampieri