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Bleakley, Alan - Medical Education for the Future, ebook

Medical Education for the Future

Bleakley, Alan


The Medical Educator and the Clinical Teacher
Alan Bleakley, John Bligh, Julie Browne
8. Identity Construction of the Medical Educator Through Learning and Writing
Alan Bleakley, John Bligh, Julie Browne
9. Power

Cleland, Jennifer - Researching Medical Education, ebook

Researching Medical Education

Cleland, Jennifer


Researching Medical Education is an authoritative guide to excellence in educational research in the health professions. Presented by the Association for the Study of Medical Education

Randall, Michael D. - Medical Sciences at a Glance, ebook

Medical Sciences at a Glance

Randall, Michael D.


The definitive companion for medical science study and revision
Medical Sciences at a Glance consolidates the scientific knowledge a student needs to know to provide a solid framework of key facts to build on. Concise, easy to follow, written specifically for medical

Kalet, Adina - Remediation in Medical Education, ebook

Remediation in Medical Education

Kalet, Adina


Table of contents
Part I. Presenting Problems and Symptoms Leading to Remediation
1. Defining and Assessing Competence
Adina Kalet, Martin Pusic
2. An Example of a Remediation Program
Adina Kalet, Linda Tewksbury, Jennifer B. Ogilvie, Sandra Yingling
3. “She Needs to Read More”: Helping Trainees Who

Forrest, Kirsty - Medical Education at a Glance, ebook

Medical Education at a Glance

Forrest, Kirsty


Covering the core concepts, activities and approaches involved in medical education, Medical Education at a Glance provides a concise, accessible introduction to this rapidly expanding area of study and practice. 

Gunderman, Richard B. - Achieving Excellence in Medical Education, ebook

Achieving Excellence in Medical Education

Gunderman, Richard B.


Table of contents
1. Education Matters
Richard B. Gunderman
2. Theoretical Insights
Richard B. Gunderman
3. Understanding Learners
Richard B. Gunderman
4. Promoting Learners
Richard B. Gunderman
5. Educational Excellence
Richard B. Gunderman
6. Educational Technique
Richard B.