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Mansell, Robin - The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy, ebook

The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy

Mansell, Robin


Provides the most up to date and comprehensive collection of essays from top scholars in the field Includes contributions from western and eastern Europe, North and Central America, Africa and Asia Offers new conceptual frameworks and new methodologies for mapping the contours of emergent global

Freedman, Des - The Politics of Media Policy, ebook

The Politics of Media Policy

Freedman, Des


The Politics of Media Policy provides a critical perspective on the dynamics of media policy in the US and UK and offers a comprehensive guide to some of the major points of

Psychogiopoulou, Evangelia - Understanding Media Policies, ebook

Understanding Media Policies

Psychogiopoulou, Evangelia


Recasting the Contours of Media Policy in a Political Context: An Introduction
Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Dia Anagnostou
2. Media Policy in Belgium: How a Complex Institutional System Deals with Technological Developments

Psychogiopoulou, Evangelia - Media Policies Revisited, ebook

Media Policies Revisited

Psychogiopoulou, Evangelia


The Emerging Governance Pattern in Media and Communications
Petros Iosifidis
3. Media Freedom and Independence in Contemporary Democratic Societies
Evangelia Psychogiopoulou
Part I. Media Policy

Lang, Jarno S. - Foreign Policy and the Media, ebook

Foreign Policy and the Media

Lang, Jarno S.


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Perspectives: A Lens Through Which to View the World
Jarno S. Lang
2. A Research Design for a Qualitative Image Study
Jarno S. Lang
3. The Indonesian Press and US-Indonesian Relations
Jarno S. Lang

Miller, Derek B. - Media Pressure on Foreign Policy, ebook

Media Pressure on Foreign Policy

Miller, Derek B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Derek B. Miller
2. The Contemporary Debate
Derek B. Miller
3. Beyond the Contemporary Debate
Derek B. Miller
4. Toward a Theory of Media Pressure
Derek B. Miller
5. The Iraqi Civil War and the Aftermath, 1991
Derek B. Miller
6. Measuring Coverage

Donders, Karen - Public Service Media and Policy in Europe, ebook

Public Service Media and Policy in Europe

Donders, Karen


Table of contents
1. Introduction, Aims and Methodology
Karen Donders
2. From Public Service Broadcasting to Public Service Media
Karen Donders
3. Perspectives on Public Service Media
Karen Donders
4. A Framework for Public…