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Denier, James P. - Mechanics Down Under, ebook

Mechanics Down Under

Denier, James P.


Plasto-Mechanics of Large Deformation under Impact Loading
N. K. Gupta
6. Onset of Oscillatory Thermocapillary Convection
W. R. Hu, Z. M. Tang
7. Instabilities of Flows through Deformable Tubes and Channels
O. E. Jensen
8. Surface Bubbles in

Caltagirone, Jean-Paul - Discrete Mechanics, ebook

Discrete Mechanics

Caltagirone, Jean-Paul


This book presents the fundamental principles of mechanics to re-establish the equations of Discrete Mechanics. It introduces physics and thermodynamics associated to the physical modeling.  The development and the complementarity of sciences lead

Hami, Abdelkhalak El - Fluid Mechanics: Analytical Methods, ebook

Fluid Mechanics: Analytical Methods

Hami, Abdelkhalak El


The book aims to provide an efficient methodology of solving a fluid mechanics problem. It aims to meet different objectives of the student, the future engineer or scientist.  Using simple sizing calculations, and more advanced analytical calculations, the book covers all the essential

Espinosa, Horacio D. - Nano and Cell Mechanics: Fundamentals and Frontiers, ebook

Nano and Cell Mechanics: Fundamentals and Frontiers

Espinosa, Horacio D.


Research in nano and cell mechanics has received much attention from the scientific community as a result of society needs and government initiatives to accelerate developments in materials, manufacturing, electronics, medicine and healthcare, energy, and the environment. Engineers and scientists

Laloui, Lyesse - Mechanics of Unsaturated Geomaterials, ebook

Mechanics of Unsaturated Geomaterials

Laloui, Lyesse


This book provides a sound basis in the challenging area of the mechanics of unsaturated geomaterials. The objective is to supply the reader with an exhaustive overview starting from the basics and covering the most recent theories and applications (i.e. natural disasters, nuclear waste

Braccini, Muriel - Mechanics of Solid Interfaces, ebook

Mechanics of Solid Interfaces

Braccini, Muriel


It is designed and structured to provide a solid background in the mechanics of heterogeneous materials to help students in materials science, as well as scientists and engineers.

Rudnicki, John W. - Fundamentals of Continuum Mechanics, ebook

Fundamentals of Continuum Mechanics

Rudnicki, John W.


A concise introductory course text on continuum mechanics
Fundamentals of Continuum Mechanics focuses on the fundamentals of the subject and provides the background for formulation of numerical methods for large deformations and a wide range of material behaviours. It aims to provide

Boutier, Alain - Laser Velocimetry in Fluid Mechanics, ebook

Laser Velocimetry in Fluid Mechanics

Boutier, Alain


In fluid mechanics, velocity measurement is fundamental in order to improve the behavior knowledge of the flow. Velocity maps help us to understand the mean flow structure and its fluctuations, in order to further validate codes.
Laser velocimetry is an optical technique for velocity