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Bombieri, E. - Geometric Measure Theory and Minimal Surfaces, ebook

Geometric Measure Theory and Minimal Surfaces

Bombieri, E.


Geometric Measure Theory and Elliptic Variational Problems
F. J. Almgren
3. Minimal Surfaces with Obstacles
E. Giusti
4. Singularities in Soap-Bubble-Like and Soap-Film-Like Surfaces
Jean Guckenheimer
5. The Analyticity of the Coincidence Set

Billingsley, Patrick - Probability and Measure, ebook

Probability and Measure

Billingsley, Patrick


Probability and Measure Anniversary Edition
This Anniversary Edition of Probability and Measure offers advanced students, scientists, and engineers an integrated introduction to measure theory and probability.

Klir, George J. - Generalized Measure Theory, ebook

Generalized Measure Theory

Klir, George J.


Fuzzification of Generalized Measures and the Choquet Integral
Zhenyuan Wang, George J. Klir
16. Applications of Generalized Measure Theory
Zhenyuan Wang, George J. Klir

Vestrup, Eric M. - The Theory of Measures and Integration, ebook

The Theory of Measures and Integration

Vestrup, Eric M.


An accessible, clearly organized survey of the basic topics of measure theory for students and researchers in mathematics, statistics, and physics
In order to fully understand and appreciate advanced probability, analysis, and advanced mathematical statistics, a rudimentary knowledge