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Holley, David M. - Meaning and Mystery: What It Means To Believe in God, ebook

Meaning and Mystery: What It Means To Believe in God

Holley, David M.


Meaning and Mystery offers a challenge to the way Philosophy has traditionally approached the issue of belief in God as a theoretical problem, proposing instead a form of reflection more appropriate to the practical nature of the issue. Makes use of abundant illustrative material, from both

Raud, Rein - Meaning in Action: Outline of an Integral Theory of Culture, ebook

Meaning in Action: Outline of an Integral Theory of Culture

Raud, Rein


This theory views culture simultaneously in two ways: as a world of texts, tangible and shareable products of signifying acts, and as a space of practices, repeatable activities that produce, disseminate and interpret these clusters of meaning. Both approaches are

Haldane, John - Seeking Meaning and Making Sense, ebook

Seeking Meaning and Making Sense

Haldane, John


Collection of short essays that range across philosophy, politics, general culture, morality, science, religion and art, focusing on questions of meaning, value and understanding.

Staude, Martin - Meaning in Communication, Cognition and Reality, ebook

Meaning in Communication, Cognition and Reality

Staude, Martin


This book presents a general and formal theory of meaning, signs, and language. The theory is presented in a clear and consistent way offering novel and provocative insights into the fundamental structures and processes of communication, cognition, and reality. Key topics include distinctions

Geach, Mary - Logic, Truth and Meaning, ebook

Logic, Truth and Meaning

Geach, Mary


Fourth in the series of volumes containing collections of papers of philosopher G.E.M. Anscombe, tackling various subjects and including a reprint of Anscombe's 'Introduction to Wittgenstein's Tractatus'.

Hoyles, Celia - Meaning in Mathematics Education, ebook

Meaning in Mathematics Education

Hoyles, Celia


The Meaning of Conics: Historical and Didactical Dimensions
Maria G. Bartolini Bussi
4. Reconstruction of Meaning as a Didactical Task: The Concept of Function as an Example
Rolf Biehler
5. Meaning in Mathematics

Roth, Wolff-Michael - On Meaning and Mental Representation, ebook

On Meaning and Mental Representation

Roth, Wolff-Michael


Language «meaning», «mental representation», and «conceptions» in STEM research
Wolff-Michael Roth
3. «Meaning» in science education
Wolff-Michael Roth
4. Hunting the elusive tiger
Wolff-Michael Roth
5. «Meaning» and the subject

Hicks, Joshua A. - The Experience of Meaning in Life, ebook

The Experience of Meaning in Life

Hicks, Joshua A.


The Four Needs for Meaning, the Value Gap, and How (and Whether) Society Can Fill the Void
A. Will Crescioni, Roy F. Baumeister
2. A Terror Management Perspective on the Creation and Defense of Meaning
Daniel Sullivan, Spee Kosloff, Jeff Greenberg