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Radkau, Joachim - Max Weber: A Biography, ebook

Max Weber: A Biography

Radkau, Joachim


Max Weber (1864-1920) is recognized throughout the world as the most important classic thinker in the social sciences – there is simply no one in the history of the social sciences who has been more influential. The affinity between capitalism and

Beetham, David - Max Weber and the Theory of Modern Politics, ebook

Max Weber and the Theory of Modern Politics

Beetham, David


Max Weber's writings on the politics of Wilhelmine in Germany and the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 are much less well known than his contributions to historical and theoretical sociology, yet they are essential to any overall assessment of his thought. Drawing on these writings,

Lepsius, M. Rainer - Max Weber and Institutional Theory, ebook

Max Weber and Institutional Theory

Lepsius, M. Rainer


Max Weber’s Allocation Problem
M. Rainer Lepsius
3. The Institutionalization and Deinstitutionalization of Rationality Criteria
M. Rainer Lepsius
4. Institutional Analysis and Institutional Policy
M. Rainer

Weber, Max - Tiede ja politiikka, ebook

Tiede ja politiikka

Weber, Max


Viime vuosisadan merkittävin yhteiskuntatieteilijä Max Weber piti välittömästi ensimmäisen maailmansodan jälkeen kaksi tärkeää maailmankatsomuksellista luentoa. Ne olivat Tiede kutsumuksena ja ammattina ja Politiikka kutsumuksena ja ammattina.

Grainger, J.H. - Tony Blair and the Ideal Type, ebook

Tony Blair and the Ideal Type

Grainger, J.H.


The 'ideal type' is Max Weber's hypothetical leading democratic politician, whom the author finds realized in Tony Blair. He is a politician emerging from no obvious mould, treading no well-beaten path to high office, and having few affinities of tone, character or style with his predecessors.