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Giga, Yoshikazu - What Mathematics Can Do for You, ebook

What Mathematics Can Do for You

Giga, Yoshikazu


Importance and Unpredictable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Real World and for Industry
Masato Wakayama, Masato Wakayama
13. Mathematics for Business and Business Leaders Based on Mathematical Intelligence
Hiroshi Fujita

Sriraman, Bharath - Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy, ebook

Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy

Sriraman, Bharath


The Exact Sciences and Non-Euclidean Logic
David A. Edwards
8. Xenomath!
Ian Stewart
9. Cognitive Networks: Brains, Internet, and Civilizations
Dmitrii Yu. Manin, Yuri I. Manin
10. Reuben Hersh on the Growth of Mathematical Knowledge: Kant,

Cartier, Pierre - Freedom in Mathematics, ebook

Freedom in Mathematics

Cartier, Pierre


Political and Social History of Mathematics Education
Pierre Cartier, Jean Dhombres, Gerhard Heinzmann, Cédric Villani
4. The Nature and Challenges of Mathematics Research
Pierre Cartier, Jean Dhombres, Gerhard Heinzmann, Cédric Villani
5. Conclusion

Clark, Bob - Wittgenstein, Mathematics and World, ebook

Wittgenstein, Mathematics and World

Clark, Bob


Table of contents
1. The Problem Posed
Bob Clark
2. Fictionalism
Bob Clark
3. Infinity and Concept-Determination
Bob Clark
4. The Logical Must
Bob Clark
5. The Problem Solved
Bob Clark

Morris, Carla C. - Finite Mathematics: Models and Applications, ebook

Finite Mathematics: Models and Applications

Morris, Carla C.


Features step-by-step examples based on actual data and connects fundamental mathematical modeling skills and decision making concepts to everyday applicability

Featuring key linear programming, matrix, and probability concepts, Finite Mathematics: Models and Applications emphasizes

Emmer, Michele - Imagine Math 2, ebook

Imagine Math 2

Emmer, Michele


Mathematics in Literature
Carlo Toffalori
7. Mathematics according to Italo Calvino
Gabriele Lolli
8. The Mathematical Mind — Iconography of a Tension
Paolo Pagli
9. Spatial Rhythms in Cinema between the Avant-Garde and Entertainment

Miritello, Giovanna - Temporal Patterns of Communication in Social Networks, ebook

Temporal Patterns of Communication in Social Networks

Miritello, Giovanna


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Motivations
Giovanna Miritello
2. Social and Communication Networks
Giovanna Miritello
3. Social Strategies in Communication Networks
Giovanna Miritello
4. Predicting Tie Creation and Decay
Giovanna Miritello
5. Information Spreading on Communication Networks