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Dewar, Jacqueline - Mathematics Education, ebook

Mathematics Education

Dewar, Jacqueline


Communication, Culture, and Work in Mathematics Education in Departments of Mathematical Sciences
Shandy Hauk, Allison F. Toney
3. Valuing and Supporting Work in Mathematics Education:

Lewis, W. James - Mathematics Matters in Education, ebook

Mathematics Matters in Education

Lewis, W. James


Knowing and Connecting Mathematics in Teaching and Teacher Education
4. The Content Knowledge Mathematics Teachers Need
Hung-Hsi Wu
5. Knowing Ratio and Proportion for Teaching
James J. Madden
6. How Future Teachers

Brown, Tony - Mathematics Education and Subjectivity, ebook

Mathematics Education and Subjectivity

Brown, Tony


Subjectivity in Mathematics Education Research
Tony Brown
6. The Lacanian Subject of Mathematical Learning
Tony Brown
7. The Cultural Renewal of Mathematical Learning
Tony Brown
8. The Political Shaping

Giga, Yoshikazu - What Mathematics Can Do for You, ebook

What Mathematics Can Do for You

Giga, Yoshikazu


Importance and Unpredictable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Real World and for Industry
Masato Wakayama, Masato Wakayama
13. Mathematics for Business and Business Leaders Based on Mathematical Intelligence
Hiroshi Fujita

Sfard, Anna - A Journey in Mathematics Education Research, ebook

A Journey in Mathematics Education Research

Sfard, Anna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Erna Yackel, Koeno Gravemeijer
2. Introduction
Paul Cobb
3. The Constructivist Researcher as Teacher and Model Builder
Paul Cobb, Leslie P. Steffe
4. Introduction
Paul Cobb, Erna Yackel
5. Young Children’s Emotional Acts While Engaged in Mathematical Problem

Kadunz, Gert - Semiotics in Mathematics Education, ebook

Semiotics in Mathematics Education

Kadunz, Gert


Table of contents
1. Introduction: What Is Semiotics and Why Is It Important for Mathematics Education?
Norma Presmeg, Luis Radford, Wolff-Michael Roth, Gert Kadunz
2. Semiotics in Theory and Practice in Mathematics Education
Norma Presmeg, Luis Radford, Wolff-Michael Roth, Gert Kadunz
3. A Summary of Results

Skovsmose, Ole - An Invitation to Critical Mathematics Education, ebook

An Invitation to Critical Mathematics Education

Skovsmose, Ole


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ole Skovsmose
2. Mathematics Education is Undetermined
Ole Skovsmose
3. Diversity of situations
Ole Skovsmose
4. Students’ foregrounds
Ole Skovsmose
5. Landscapes of investigation
Ole Skovsmose
6. Intermezzo
Ole Skovsmose
7. A critical conception

Bohlmann, Nina - The Disorder of Mathematics Education, ebook

The Disorder of Mathematics Education

Bohlmann, Nina


Mathematics Education as Praying Wheel: How Adults Avoid Mathematics by Pushing It onto Children
Sverker Lundin, Ditte Storck Christensen
3. De|mathematisation and Ideology in Times of Capitalism: Recovering Critical Distance
Hauke Straehler-Pohl

Halai, Anjum - Mathematics Education in East Africa, ebook

Mathematics Education in East Africa

Halai, Anjum


Issues for Quality Enhancement and Harmonization of Education in East Africa
Mussa Mohamed, Anjum Halai, Simon Karuku
2. Towards a Harmonized Curriculum in East Africa: A Comparative Perspective of the Intended Secondary School Mathematics