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Pearce, Charles - Optimization, ebook


Pearce, Charles


Alternative Mathematical Programming Models: A Case for a Coal Blending Decision Process
Ruhul A. Sarker

Chong, Edwin K. P. - An Introduction to Optimization, ebook

An Introduction to Optimization

Chong, Edwin K. P.


an excellent introduction to optimization theory..." (Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2002)
"A textbook for a one-semester course on optimization theory and methods at the senior undergraduate

Chong, Edwin K. P. - An Introduction to Optimization, ebook

An Introduction to Optimization

Chong, Edwin K. P.


A modern, up-to-date introduction to optimization theory and methods
This authoritative book serves as an introductory text to optimization at the senior undergraduate and beginning graduate levels. With consistently accessible and elementary treatment

Hentenryck, Pascal van - Hybrid Optimization, ebook

Hybrid Optimization

Hentenryck, Pascal van


Table of contents
1. The Ten Years of CPAIOR: A Success Story
Michela Milano, Pascal Hentenryck
2. Hybrid Modeling
John N. Hooker
3. Global Constraints: A Survey
Jean-Charles Régin
4. Decomposition Techniques for Hybrid MILP/CP…

Snyman, Jan A. - Practical Mathematical Optimization, ebook

Practical Mathematical Optimization

Snyman, Jan A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Line Search Descent Methods for Unconstrained Minimization
3. Standard Methods for Constrained Optimization
4. New Gradient-Based Trajectory and Approximation Methods
5. Example Problems

Jahn, Johannes - Vector Optimization, ebook

Vector Optimization

Jahn, Johannes


Table of contents
1. Linear Spaces
Johannes Jahn
2. Maps on Linear Spaces
Johannes Jahn
3. Some Fundamental Theorems
Johannes Jahn
4. Optimality Notions
Johannes Jahn
5. Scalarization
Johannes Jahn
6. Existence…

Shikhman, Vladimir - Topological Aspects of Nonsmooth Optimization, ebook

Topological Aspects of Nonsmooth Optimization

Shikhman, Vladimir


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Vladimir Shikhman
2. Mathematical Programming Problems with Complementarity Constraints
Vladimir Shikhman
3. General Semi-infinite Programming Problems
Vladimir Shikhman
4. Mathematical Programming Problems with Vanishing Constraints
Vladimir Shikhman
5. Bilevel

Butenko, Sergiy - Optimization Methods and Applications, ebook

Optimization Methods and Applications

Butenko, Sergiy


On Solving an Optimization Problem with Interval Coefficients
Andrii Bryla
5. Lexicographic Search of Optimal Solutions of Boolean Programming Problems
Sergey V. Chupov
6. A Model for Optimal Reinforcement of Error- and Attack-Resilient Clusters in