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Vaughn, Michael T. - Introduction to Mathematical Physics, ebook

Introduction to Mathematical Physics

Vaughn, Michael T.


A comprehensive survey of all the mathematical methods that should be available to graduate students in physics. In addition to the usual topics of analysis, such as infinite series, functions of a complex variable and some differential equations as

Finster, Felix - Quantum Mathematical Physics, ebook

Quantum Mathematical Physics

Finster, Felix


Table of contents
1. On the Spin-Statistics Connection in Curved Spacetimes
Christopher J. Fewster
2. Is There a C-Function in 4D Quantum Einstein Gravity?
Daniel Becker, Martin Reuter
3. Systematic Renormalization at all Orders in the DiffRen and Improved Epstein–Glaser Schemes
José M. Gracia-Bondía

Whelan, Colm T. - A First Course in Mathematical Physics, ebook

A First Course in Mathematical Physics

Whelan, Colm T.


In the second part of the book, a series of examples showcases some of the more conceptually advanced areas of physics, the presentation of which draws on the developments in the first part. A large number of problems helps students to hone their skills in using the

Sidoravičius, Vladas - New Trends in Mathematical Physics, ebook

New Trends in Mathematical Physics

Sidoravičius, Vladas


Table of contents
1. Entropy of Eigenfunctions
Nalini Anantharaman, Herbert Koch, Stéphane Nonnenmacher
2. Stability of Doubly Warped Product Spacetimes
Lars Andersson
3. Rigorous Construction of Luttinger Liquids Through Ward Identities
Giuseppe Benfatto
4. New Algebraic Aspects of Perturbative and Non-perturbative