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Hadeler, Karl Peter - Topics in Mathematical Biology, ebook

Topics in Mathematical Biology

Hadeler, Karl Peter


Table of contents
1. Coupling and Quiescence
Karl-Peter Hadeler
2. Delay and Age
Karl-Peter Hadeler
3. Lotka–Volterra and Replicator Systems
Karl-Peter Hadeler
4. Ecology
Karl-Peter Hadeler
5. Homogeneous Systems

Iannelli, Mimmo - Mathematics of Biology, ebook

Mathematics of Biology

Iannelli, Mimmo


Some Mathematical Problems Arising in Neurobiology
Stuart Hastings
5. Perturbation Methods in Biology
F. C. Hoppensteadt
6. Integral Equations of Volterra Type
Stig-Olof Londen

Guarracino, Mario - Dynamics of Mathematical Models in Biology, ebook

Dynamics of Mathematical Models in Biology

Guarracino, Mario


Table of contents
1. Transcriptional Regulation: When 1+1≠2
Verena Thormann, Marina Borschiwer, Sebastiaan H. Meijsing
2. Differential Network Analysis and Graph Classification: A Glocal Approach
Giuseppe Jurman, Michele Filosi, Samantha…

Castillo, Luis F. - Advances in Computational Biology, ebook

Advances in Computational Biology

Castillo, Luis F.


Analysis of Binding Residues between PDGF-BB and Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor: A Computational Docking Study
Ricardo Cabezas, Daniel Torrente, Marco Fidel Avila, Jannet González, George Emilio Barreto
6. Software as a Service for Supporting Biodiversity

Molina-París, Carmen - Mathematical Models and Immune Cell Biology, ebook

Mathematical Models and Immune Cell Biology

Molina-París, Carmen


A Review of Mathematical Models for T Cell Receptor Triggering and Antigen Discrimination
Daniel Coombs, Omer Dushek, P. Anton Merwe
3. Dynamic Tuning of T Cell Receptor Specificity by Co-Receptors and Costimulation
Hugo A. Berg, Andrew K. Sewell