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Li, Wei - Mathematical Logic, ebook

Mathematical Logic

Li, Wei


Table of contents
1. Syntax of First-Order Languages
Wei Li
2. Models of First-Order Languages
Wei Li
3. Formal Inference Systems
Wei Li
4. Computability & Representability
Wei Li
5. Gödel Theorems
Wei Li

Casari, E. - Aspects of Mathematical Logic, ebook

Aspects of Mathematical Logic

Casari, E.


Table of contents
1. Basic Notions and Applications of the Theory of Decidability
H. Hermes
2. On Several Continuum Hypotheses
Djurio Kurepa
3. Models of Set Theory
A. Mostowski
4. Problems and Methods of Model Theory

Abramsky, Samson - Dependence Logic, ebook

Dependence Logic

Abramsky, Samson


Games for Inclusion Logic and Fixed-Point Logic
Erich Grädel
6. Remarks on Compositionality
Wilfrid Hodges
7. Independence in Model Theory
Åsa Hirvonen
8. Dependency as Question Entailment
Ivano Ciardelli
9. Approximation Logics

Abeles, Francine F. - Modern Logic 1850-1950, East and West, ebook

Modern Logic 1850-1950, East and West

Abeles, Francine F.


On the Way to Modern Logic: The Case of Polish Logic
Roman Murawski
10. Russian Origins of Non-Classical Logics
Valentin A. Bazhanov
11. Constructive Mathematics in St. Petersburg, Russia: A (Somewhat Subjective) View from Within
Vladik Kreinovich

Braüner, Torben - Hybrid Logic and its Proof-Theory, ebook

Hybrid Logic and its Proof-Theory

Braüner, Torben


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Hybrid Logic
Torben Braüner
2. Proof-Theory of Propositional Hybrid Logic
Torben Braüner
3. Tableaus and Decision Procedures for Hybrid Logic
Torben Braüner
4. Comparison to Seligman’s Natural Deduction System
Torben Braüner
5. Functional Completeness

Marković, Zoran - Probability Logics, ebook

Probability Logics

Marković, Zoran


Probability Logics with Iterations of Probability Operators
Zoran Ognjanović, Miodrag Rašković, Zoran Marković
5. Extensions of the Probability Logics LPP