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Herod, James - Mathematical Biology, ebook

Mathematical Biology

Herod, James


Biology, Mathematics, and a Mathematical Biology Laboratory
Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod
3. Some Mathematical Tools
Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod
4. Reproduction and the Drive for Survival
Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod
5. Interactions

Kotsireas, Ilias S. - Applications of Computer Algebra, ebook

Applications of Computer Algebra

Kotsireas, Ilias S.


Algorithm for Predicting Mathematical Formulae from Linear Strings for Mathematical Inputs
Tetsuo Fukui
10. Algebraic Modelling of Covering Arrays
Bernhard Garn, Dimitris E. Simos
11. Applications of Signatures Curves to Characterize Melanomas and Moles

Chambers, Erin - Advances in the Mathematical Sciences, ebook

Advances in the Mathematical Sciences

Chambers, Erin


The Impact of Violence Interruption on the Diffusion of Violence: A Mathematical Modeling Approach
Shari A. Wiley, Michael Z. Levy, Charles C. Branas
Part IV. Probability and Stochastic Processes
11. Cramér’s Theorem is Atypical
Nina Gantert, Steven

Bagdasar, Ovidiu - Concise Computer Mathematics, ebook

Concise Computer Mathematics

Bagdasar, Ovidiu


Matrix Applications in Computer Graphics
Ovidiu Bagdasar
9. Elements of Graph Theory
Ovidiu Bagdasar
10. Elements of Number Theory and Cryptography
Ovidiu Bagdasar
11. Elements of Calculus
Ovidiu Bagdasar

Rubin, Andrew - Mathematical Biophysics, ebook

Mathematical Biophysics

Rubin, Andrew


Table of contents
Part I. Basic Models in Mathematical Biophysics
1. Growth and Catalysis Models
Andrew Rubin, Galina Riznichenko
2. Oscillations oscillations , Rhythms, and Chaos chaos in Biological Systems
Andrew Rubin, Galina Riznichenko

Klette, Reinhard - Computer Vision for Driver Assistance, ebook

Computer Vision for Driver Assistance

Klette, Reinhard


Table of contents
1. Vision-Based Driver-Assistance Systems
Mahdi Rezaei, Reinhard Klette
2. Driver-Environment Understanding
Mahdi Rezaei, Reinhard Klette
3. Computer Vision Basics
Mahdi Rezaei, Reinhard Klette
4. Object Detection, Classification, and Tracking
Mahdi Rezaei, Reinhard Klette