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Frinkle, Karl - Principles of Linear Algebra with Mathematica, ebook

Principles of Linear Algebra with Mathematica

Frinkle, Karl


A hands-on introduction to the theoretical and computational aspects of linear algebra using Mathematica®
Many topics in linear algebra are simple, yet computationally intensive, and computer algebra systems such as Mathematica® are essential not only for learning to apply the concepts

Magrab, Edward B. - An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica, ebook

An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica

Magrab, Edward B.

From 85,25€

Free Mathematica 10 Update Included! Now available from www.wiley.com/go/magrab
Updated material includes:
- Creating regions and volumes of arbitrary shape and determining their properties: arc length, area, centroid, and area moment of inertia
- Performing integrations, solving

Mias, George - Mathematica for Bioinformatics, ebook

Mathematica for Bioinformatics

Mias, George


Table of contents
1. Prolog: Bioinformatics with the Wolfram Language
George Mias
2. A Wolfram Language Primer for Bioinformaticians
George Mias
3. Statistics
George Mias
4. Databases: E-Utilities and UCSC Genome Browser

Mureşan, Marian - Introduction to Mathematica® with Applications, ebook

Introduction to Mathematica® with Applications

Mureşan, Marian


Table of contents
1. About Mathematica
Marian Mureşan
2. First Steps to Mathematica
Marian Mureşan
3. Basic Steps to Mathematica
Marian Mureşan
4. Sorting Algorithms
Marian Mureşan
5. Functions
Marian Mureşan
6. Manipulate
Marian Mureşan
7. Ordinary Differential

Jacomet, Yves - Pharmacocinétique avec Mathematica®, ebook

Pharmacocinétique avec Mathematica®

Jacomet, Yves


Table of contents
1. Les outils de la systématisation
2. La démarche globale de résolution
3. La systématisation linéaire compartimentale en pharmacocinétique
4. Les administrations répétées
5. Cas pratiques, exemples
6. Autres…

Benesi, Alan J. - A Primer of NMR Theory with Calculations in Mathematica, ebook

A Primer of NMR Theory with Calculations in Mathematica

Benesi, Alan J.


Presents the theory of NMR enhanced with Mathematica© notebooks

Provides short, focused chapters with brief explanations of well-defined topics with an emphasis on a mathematical description Presents essential results from quantum mechanics concisely and for easy use in predicting and simulating the results of