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Springhall, John - The Genesis of Mass Culture, ebook

The Genesis of Mass Culture

Springhall, John


Buffalo Bill’s Wild West: American Culture Crosses the Atlantic
John Springhall
7. Vaudeville I: Rise and Decline of an Emergent Mass Culture
John Springhall
8. Vaudeville II: Cultural Exchange, Departure, and Transmutation
John Springhall

Demirev, Plamen - Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology, ebook

Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology

Demirev, Plamen


Methods and Instrumentation in Mass Spectrometry for the Differentiation of Closely Related Microorganisms
Franco Basile, Rudolph K. Mignon
3. Sample Preparation Methods for the Rapid MS Analysis of Microorganisms
Shobha Devi, Anren Hu, Yen-Peng Ho

Setou, Mitsutoshi - Imaging Mass Spectrometry, ebook

Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Setou, Mitsutoshi


Imaging of Cultured Cells by Mass Spectrometry
Hyun Jeong Yang, Yuki Sugiura, Koji Ikegami, Mitsutoshi Setou
Naoko Goto-Inoue, Takao Taki, Mitsutoshi Setou
Part VII. IMS Applications Provided

Luther, Catherine A. - Diversity in U.S. Mass Media, ebook

Diversity in U.S. Mass Media

Luther, Catherine A.


Mass Media provides comprehensive coverage of the evolution and issues surrounding portrayals of social groups within the mass media of the United States.Focuses on past and current mass media

Kempen, Ronald - Mass Housing in Europe, ebook

Mass Housing in Europe

Kempen, Ronald


Table of contents
1. Mass Housing Estates on Different Tracks: An Introduction to the Book
Sako Musterd, Ronald Kempen, Rob Rowlands
2. Theories of Neighbourhood Change and Decline: Their Significance for Post-WWII Large Housing Estates in European Cities
Ellen Beckhoven, Gideon Bolt, Ronald Kempen
Part I.

Toner, J. P. - Popular Culture in Ancient Rome, ebook

Popular Culture in Ancient Rome

Toner, J. P.

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The mass of the Roman people constituted well over 90% of the population. Much ancient history, however, has focused on the lives, politics and culture of the minority elite. This book helps redress the balance by focusing on the non-elite in the Roman

Corner, Paul - The Palgrave Handbook of Mass Dictatorship, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of Mass Dictatorship

Corner, Paul


Introduction: Mass Dictatorship as Modernizing Project: Some Preliminary Reflections
Konrad Jarausch
2. History of Future. Imagining the Communist Future: The Soviet and Chinese Cases Compared
S. A. Smith
3. Sociopolitical Engineering
Guido Franzinetti